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How to Get Free Kaspersky Antivirus Key?

Updated on June 19, 2011

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) provides all types of anti-virus protection. It's a best antivirus software. It can scan, monitor and block viruses, spywares, malicious programs etc. The great thing is that it can run all of the most popular operating systems, e-mail gateways and firewalls. So, it's a very popular antiviurs software around the world and all people want to use it.

But the problem is the key. You have to spend money for the keys.

Do you want free kaspersky's key? I think you search several times but you can't find. But I want to share one secret about the key. You can get keys freely. Yesterday, I am browsing a blog and there I find a link about the keys. All the keys are free. I downloaded the keys form the link and the antivirus software. I then installed the keys and find the keys are working. I tried 5 to 7 keys and all the keys are working. Great!! I don't know how long the keys are valid. But I still use one of the key.

KAV controls all possible virus entry points. Kaspersky Lab's powerful and flexible local and network management tools for auto-mation and centralized installation and control over anti-virus protection provide maximum convenience and minimum time wasted when building your own structure of an anti-virus defense. Kaspersky Ant-Virus provides full-scale protection with some additional protective components a behavior blocker and integrity checker; appropriate for experienced users seeking the best anti-virus protection.

Link of the free Kaspersky keys

I already told you that I tried to test some of the keys and find all's are fresh. I don't know how many people use the keys. I am using one of the keys. It's even working. So, be quick to download and use it. Because if others use that key, you will not be capable to use them.

Now, finally I will share with you the link of free Kaspersky keys. Dowonload the keys from the following link and use it. How to use those keys, I will tell you later. Now, firstly download the keys form the following link:



If you don't find any key valid, then try to other one. Because if anyone use it then you can't use that. As I shared this link, many people will use it and once a time all the keys will be ended. So, please try others if you find anyone invalid.

How to use the keys?

Step 1: Opening the kaspersky window

 At first double click on the Kaspersky icon to the bottom-right corner of your desktop.

Step 2: Clicking on Merge/Delete option

Now, Kaspersky Antivirus window will be opened and click on Merge/Delete option.

Step 3: Choosing the ways to activate key

Activation wizard window will be opened. Select i.e. click on Activation using the key files.

Step 4: Activation the key

Now locate the key file by selecting Browse and finally put the location where the key files are existed and select one key. After this, click on Activate and finally you will see that your kaspersky antiviurs keys are activate. Yahoo!!

N.B. At the activation time, when you press Activate button, it may say that the key is blacklisted. If you find this type of message, try with another one. I share it with you and after sharing many people will try to download and use it. So, if any one use any key, you will not be used that key. Because the keys are unique and for one user.

That's all to install and use free Kaspersky antivirus key. Hope, you succeed.

© Written by rancidTaste

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      ZAHEEN HAFZAR M M 7 years ago from Kerala

      Hi good article

      Kaspersky is very good security solution.

      I have also writeen about "Free kaspersky for 6 months"