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How To Get System Dump On Android Devices

Updated on February 20, 2013

How To Get System Dump On Android Devices

Many android users would want to know how to get system dump on android so as to go about backing up the device. In the scenario of a disaster or any other misfortune happening to the android phone or the android tablet, the system dump will provide an image to be used for restoration. Getting of the system dump should be one of the necessary measures which should be undertaken to ensure that system information and data contained in the android device is safe.

The process on going about how to get system dump on android is aimed at having an image of the installed ROM. There are official android development kit tools and software used to get the system dump. Besides the official tools, there are other ways and apps to get the system dump and other custom system images such as the Fastdump and the Romdump.

Before tinkering with the phone or tablet, at the point before making android operating systems upgrades and changes and anything that changes the android system. The backup of the system is essential just in case anything goes awry. Having the recovery and boot partitions works well to eliminate any challenges and misfortunes coming your way.

Here are simple instructions on how to get system dump on android via the official android development kit tools.

  • First and foremost, have a PC ready and it should have the latest version of the Java Development Kit downloaded and installed in the computer.

  • Straight away go to the Android Developers site and to the ‘download the android SDK’ page. Click on download to download the installer package and double click on the file and follow installation instructions.

  • On Windows Explorer, navigate to location of installation of the SDK which is C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk

  • Launch on the SDK Manager by double clicking it. Check the box next to "Android SDK Platform-tools" on the left pane tree. Click "Install Packages" and when the confirmation window appears click on "Accept All". Confirm by clicking on Install.

  • On the phone, press the menu button. Find the ‘Settings’ and tap on it to find menu options. Tap on ‘Applications’ and go to the ‘Development option’.

  • Tap on the ‘Development’ tab and check on the ‘USB Debugging’

At this point, you are on verge finally concluding the steps on how to get system dump on android.

  • Simultaneously press on the Windows and ‘R’ key to launch the Run Box. In this Run Box, type the initials ‘cmd’.

  • In the command window, type the command, “cd C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”.

  • Type “adb.exe shell" command.

  • In the final step on how to get system dump on android, type this last command "su dd if=/dev/block/stl6 of=/sdcard/factoryfs.rfs" in the ABD shell prompt. Lastly, swap the "/sdcard/factoryfs.rfs" with the chosen location to copy the file especially if you don't want it on the SD card of the phone.

The successful completion of these how to get system dump on android steps will end up with a folder at your chosen location. The folder will contain the system image, the boot image, and the recovery partition. With the system image safely done, an android user will rest assured that in the case of a misfortune all gaps are covered.


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  • GeorgeCM profile image

    GeorgeCM 4 years ago from Nairobi

    Thank you Whiskeyjakc, I will surely consider your recommendations.

  • whiskeyjakc profile image

    whiskeyjakc 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

    I am sure this hub will be useful to people. But it would have better if you also explained how to use the system and boot images to restore the phone.