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How to Build Traffic to Your Craft Blog

Updated on May 24, 2013

So you've set up your craft blog and published your first posts. You wait and wait for someone to read and leave a comment on your artwork but no one does. You become frustrated with the lack of interest, take it personal and give up. This is a very common issue and it doesn't have to be.

The number one thing to remember when you start a craft blog is that just because you have published something on the Internet, doesn't mean people will just automatically find you and start reading. In fact, it could take months before search engines even find you! You can speed up this process by posting frequently and submitting your blog to search engines, however, you will still need to put in some work.

Here are a few tips to help you get traffic to your craft blog in no time!


Before you really begin promoting your blog, it is important that your blog be as attractive and as easy to read as possible or you will lose readers in a heap of chaos. Consider things that make you want to read or follow others' blogs, and without copying anyone, try finding your own niche that will make people come back to your blog and considering following you.

Personal Touches

Just because you have a craft blog doesn't mean every post has to be craft-related. Readers will enjoy getting a glimpse into your life and will appreciate photos and stories of your personal life. These stories can even help you get a totally different audience of readers who stumble across your blog for different reasons altogether. These touches also keep readers coming back as they become connected to you personally.

Craft Communities

Craft communities are great places for you to meet your fellow craft peers and let them know about your new blog. Sites such as Splitcoast Stampers, Crafters and Get Crafty are just a few examples of sites that offer tutorials, advice, ideas and forums. Participating in these forums is a great way to get viewers to check out your blog. Many of these forums even contain topics on the introduction of new blogs.


An e-signature is the contact information text that appears underneath your e-mails. These signatures are also available for customization in craft communities. Personalizing your e-mail and forum signatures is a great way for people to find out about your blog because every time you send an e-mail or post a message, your blog link will appear.

Craft Marketplaces

If you sell your crafts, you are probably very familiar with craft marketplaces such as Etsy and Artfire. These marketplaces offer a solid foundation for getting traffic to your blog because the marketplace community as a whole is very supportive of other artisans, and will most likely go out of their way to help. Considering posting in the message boards of these marketplaces to help start your traffic flow. You will find that many are willing and able to check out your blog and offering critiques and kind words.


A great way to get people to check out your blog is to offer tutorials. Everyone is looking for great ideas, and if you start sharing step-by-step tutorials on your blog, you will increase the changes of having repeat blog readers, and potential followers check you out.


When used correctly, Twitter can get you TONS of traffic. There are millions of Tweets being sent each minute, so why not take advantage and create an account? Each time you publish a post, considering "tweeting" your updates. People with similar interests, or those who search for keywords will find you and ultimately check out your blog.

Blog Candy

Last but definitely not least is the offering of blog candy. Blog candy is basically free "stuff" and who doesn't love that? Lure people to your blog with the announcement of this blog candy and watch the visitors fly in. All you will need to do is put together a few items to give away, take good pictures and post your announcement in craft communities and you're sure to get people interested.


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    • profile image

      Angela 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for the ideas! I am just starting my papercrafting business and am looking for all the help I can get driving traffic to my site.


      Angela W.

    • profile image

      Carlotta 4 years ago

      Thanks for the terrific advice. I just start a craft blog myself a few days ago. It's like learning a new language but I am excited about learning something new and challenging myself.

      This is my new bog and feel free to come and maybe send me a few suggestions on what I could do. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Fi Webster 6 years ago

      Thanks for the great piece on how to network a blog! I don't have a blog myself, but I'm thinking about starting one. Reading what you wrote makes it sound like a lot of fun. =smile= By the way, there's an old Internet expression for doing things like blog candy: it's called "gift economy." It's been around since the earliest days of the World Wide Web, before there were blogs—this idea of attracting people to your page on the Web (in order, eventually, to make money) by giving stuff away.

    • profile image

      Imy 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for those ideas. Nice to know you are not alone. I do some of these things but I just can't get the comments. Lots of visitors and people coming to get freebies but they just won't comment.

    • Alison Dittmar profile image

      Alison Dittmar 7 years ago from PA

      Nice ideas and insight :)

    • snehal welde profile image

      snehal welde 7 years ago

      As usual a great and informative hub ...I am definitely going to use your tips to get traffic to my craft blog