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How to Get More Views and Subscribers on Your You Tube Channel in 2018

Updated on January 21, 2018
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I am a You tuber, freelance and a blogger. I have 3 years of blogging experience. I am a freelance writer on Up work as well.

Setting up YouTube channel is not a difficult task. You can create your own You Tube channel by using side menu in You Tube main page. Sign in using your gmail account and press "Create Account". Follow the steps as instructions are given for each step.

You can join You Tube Creator Academy for some general tips and suggestions. Join general communities and forums having discussion regarding getting more vies and subscribers on You Tube. Never stop researching.

Take a look at the channels of other common people that how did they grew their business successfully on You Tube to know how you can grow your channel with passage of time.

You can also produce sound effects and video effects, edit and trim your video through platform of You Tube so no need of any software as long as you are producing some general videos.

Always check that monetization is enabled for your all videos. In case of any problem, you can contact You Tube officials through feedback feature in sidebar.

As of my personal experience, you should not pay to marketing agencies for promoting your channel and videos on You Tube. You can do it yourself if you follow the right direction and be passionate about it.

Big Mistakes That Most of the Newbies Make On YouTube:

One must follow these steps to achieve success on YouTube on one day or the other:

Not being consistent: Do not lay down or do not post videos after months or so. Give your subscribers and non-subscription viewers to view something on weekly basis. Otherwise, it can ruin your reputation. To get a lot of views, keep posting content that is related to your channel.

Not following your niche: One big mistakes that 90% of people on YouTube make that they keep posting videos that are not related to the topic of their channel. For example, a person who has a comedy channel should not post videos related to news or health. This ruins your reputation on your YouTube channel..

Not targeting the same audience: In order to follow the same audience, you have to follow your niche and post closely-related videos. Post the video related to what you posted early and got attention of a lot of people. This is also one of the biggest mistake that people make on You tube that they post different videos that target people of different regions and interests.

Getting frustrated: The only habit you have to avoid to be successful on You tube is to avoid dumping your channel on the way that has almost reaches the level of success but those people never realize. If you are consistent with your passion and bit of following, the day will come when you will bring a lot of people having the same interest as you to your YouTube channel.

Not Using Promotion Tactics: You must use bit of promotion tactics to give your You tube channel a ladder to go up and get a lot of views. Show your friends that what you have posted on you tube. Get a lot of following on social media handles and promote your You Tube video there. Show your video to the people having same interest. Promoting your videos on such sites can give your channel a boost-up that you have never thought of. So go and promote your last video on You Tube to people who use to spend a lot of time outside of You Tube.

Things You Must Do to Get More Views:

Channel Name: Channel name should be impressive and easy to remember for people. It is better to have a channel name that contains keywords mostly searched on You Tube. Channel name should contain all the keywords that is related to what you are going to post on your You Tube channel. My You Tube's channel name is 'Comedy Blockbuster Movies' and I post comedy clips extracted from Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Your channel name should be organized and should not contain more than 3 words. These three words should clearly describe that what your channel is about.

Channel name should be interesting and to-the-point.

Thumbnail: Thumbnail image should not be boring but very interesting and related to your You Tube channel. Avoid uploading your own personal photo because it looks unprofessional. Research shows that channels belonging to organizations and companies get more views than channels belonging to common people. So concentrate on getting a logo or something like that for your You Tube channel . You can also verify your channel later if you show your channel as property of some organization of community.

Video Quality: OK, video quality do not need to be just fine because it can frustrate your subscribers and other non-subscription viewers. Do not aim quality of your video to be damn high but at least to be called "High-Definition".

How to Build Relationship With Viewers:

Little promotion tactics can help you build relationship with viewers but that's not going to be enough. You have also to post some great content that brings a lot of traffic and force people to watch your video tens and hundreds of times. Following are the steps to build-up relationship with convert viewers to your fans and lovers:

Ask viewers to SUBSCRIBE: If you are posting some great exceptional content, you may not need to ask your views to subscribe your channel because they are inclined to view your videos again and again. Build some suspense in people about your coming videos and they will subscribe your channel for that automatically. Use captions and ask people to subscribe at the beginning, middle and at the end of your video. Ask them to subscribe your channel in description as well multiple times. Some people on You Tube subscribe most of the channels which belong to their interest or for the video they liked.

Viewers / Subscribers Ratio: Not every person who will watch your video will subscribe to your channel. Normally, only one to five people subscribe your channel for each genuine 100 views. You can increase this ratio by being consistent and producing exceptional great content.

Ask People For their Emails in Comment Section: Run a giveaway or provide a great offer requiring one to submit his/her email in comment section so that you can contact them via email and give them a call to view your video. If you have produced a great content, people will give you their email for sure.

Ask People to press the Bell Button: Thanks to You Tube for bell-button feature. You can ask viewers and subscribers to press the bell button alongside subscription button to get regular updates as soon a you post a video.

Use end screens and annotations: Use end screens and annotations inside your video to invite people to subscribe your channel but one drawback of this feature is that these captions only appear in windows format but most the 75% of You Tube users use Android/OS mobile format to view the video but somehow, it can help you with your promotion tactics of your You Tube Channel.

Let people know that you are not an ordinary You tuber, you have always something great to offer to your viewers, and you are consistent and serious with what you are trying to do on You Tube,.Good and serious attitude on You Tube can force people to subscribe your channel on You Tube. Let them know that you will keep posting such great videos in future.

Post your You Tube videos on your Blog: A successful blog orr anything outside platform of You Tube can give your channel a boost-up especially for beginners who are struggling with their channel. You Tube offers more earning and advantages for channel with views coming outside of You Tube.

Promote your channel on Social Media Handles: Have you got a big fan-following on Twitter or Facebook? If yes, then you have got a side-advantage of getting a lot of vies+ subscribers in future. You can send the the link of your You Tube video or channel in messenger and ask your friends and followers to view andsubscribe your channel.

Table showing my channel's statistics:

7 and onwards
3K -1M

To Get insight into your YouTube channel, use YouTube Analytics or use Social Blade to get better insight of

  • What your channel can produce in future
  • What strategy you can use to get more views and subscribers
  • Should you improve quality or quantity of videos
  • How much are you getting benefit from general promotion tactics

© 2018 Muhammad Kamran

You can ask me for suggestions or any help regarding success of your You Tube channel:

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