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How to Get Traffic for website or blog.

Updated on November 26, 2009

How to Get Traffic for website or blog.

The following things are very important for getting Traffic:

1. Quality Content

The first thing when you start with a blog, web site or Hub page it is to write quality and niche content.Without quality it is not possible to get any type of traffic specially for the search engines and also when a visitor came to yours site/blog and if he/she not found the quality then it will run away and then he/she will never came again to yours site/blog.SO the first thing write yours own and quality content don't copy anything and also make yours content search engine friendly don't use the so called spamming techniques.

2.Link Building

After writing good quality content it is time to build links for yours site/blog.To rank high in the in search engines its a lots depend upon yours link building.It is not important to build large number of links her also the quality of the link is counted by the famous search engines to get high ranked the quality of the link building is depend upon following things:

  • Page Rank of site from where you getting the link.
  • It is not important to build large number of links but the important thing is Page Rank of the linking site and the content of the site must be relevant to each other. For example if yours site is about golf and you build a link with site related to pets so it is not good practice.
  • Link from low Ranking and Low traffic site do nothing for you

3. Submission to Different Search Engines and Directories.

Most of the search engines pick Yours site automatically but it is good to submit your site to most famous search engines in the world.Submission only Deals with listing of yours site in search engines.To get traffic it is most important to get high ranked in the search engines which is only possible with quality content and link building.

You can also submit manually yours site in different directories like DMOZ,Google Catalogs and Yahoo! Directory.

Submitting to directories influences yours ranking and visibility in famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in positive way.


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