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You Can Have a Electrically-Magnetic Personality with the Tesla Coil !

Updated on May 31, 2013

How to be Adored...How to Have a Magnetic Personality

We all know the type: the guy or gal who seems to have people cling to them like cat hair clings to an angora sweater. Those people who can't walk down the street without someone appearing out of nowhere and offering to 'carry your books?parcels?' or perhaps 'carry you so you don't get tired walking?'. Yes there are such people, more often women than men, perhaps, but both sexes have their species of Magnetic Personality.

So where do they come off being so adored? Where do they get the one-upmanship that most of us would pay our eye-teeth for? (Well, maybe not eye-teeth--you can't be very magnetic without a nice smile--it's part of the territory).

These magnetic personality persons are just born that way, you say. Well no, not necessarily. There are other ways to become a magnetic personality.

A Magnetic Personality? What's in it for You?

Instead of sitting around sad and depressed because you lack personality, get a magnetic personality instead with the Tesla coil! Sometimes life throws you a dead battery, so you have to recharge it and connect that dead personality to a unique source of energy that business men and other leaders of culture use themselves to become positive and fully charged with a personality that can speak volumes at times and even help you make friends and influence people if you know how to use it. The magnetic personality is a friend you can cultivate in society making you an example for your times. If not, then you could go back to school and learn something else.

Tesla coil is useful for building a magnetic personality
Tesla coil is useful for building a magnetic personality
This Tesla coil can be carried in your purse to give you a magnetic personality
This Tesla coil can be carried in your purse to give you a magnetic personality
Tesla himself, as seen here, had a fully-charged magnetic personality that was virtually irresistible to others.
Tesla himself, as seen here, had a fully-charged magnetic personality that was virtually irresistible to others.

1. Magnets

Believe it or not, most people who have a great attraction and seem to draw others to their side, actually have been discovered by scientific analysis, to have tiny magnets hidden on their body, in their hair, in their earrings, in their shoes, or even in their teeth (some dentists will insert magnets as fillings for a small extra fee). Naturally anyone full of magnetic forces of such type, are going to naturally pull the metallically-laden persons in their immediate area, gently to them. The more magnets you have the higher the probability you will become a highly magnetic person. It's that simple.

Now of course, there are ways to super-charge yourself by carrying a small battery in your purse, say, that is attached to a magnet and charges it up to a maximum limit. This will almost make others, if they have any metal on them at all, practically fly through the air and stick to you like a fly on fly-paper!

Nicola Tesla was a genius at the creation of magnetic devices, and many of his ideas would have led, by now, to a super-race of beings (you and I) who would be like gods, strutting about with magnetic personalities of such grandeur and magnificence that we would be ultimately all-powerful and able to take complete control of any situation that came our way. Unfortunately the 'Powers that Be' didn't like the idea of sharing power with peons like us, so they squashed Tesla and his ideas like a bug. Fortunately these ideas are being re-discovered, and if they become widely known, as they are so being, through my writings and those of other great authors, some day the world may be filled with magnetic personalities swaggering their way about the globe, drawing to themselves admirers and oglers of every shape and kind.


2. Magnetizing yourself is certainly the best way to become a magnetic personality, but you can also do it by hypnosis.

Many people have the abiltiy to make others follow them like veritable lambs to the slaughter, by doing no more than staring into their eyes. This happens, because the magnetic person is wearing a pair of special, trance-inducing glasses (also come in contact-lenses for those with the cash) and these glasses, nothing more than spinning spirals, (transparent of course so the are not all that noticeable) which can pull the innocent admirer deeply into a state of hypnotic trance, and be at the beck and call of the magnetic personality, to 'do their will' within limits of course. No one will do anything they wouldn't do normally, when under a state of hypnosis--or so the comic books tell me.

Magnetic Personality Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3. Real Magic

3. A popular way to become a magnetic personality is lesser known but highly effective if you happen to have access to some archaic magic spells, hard to get but once got, will make you a person of power beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine being able to have everyone you meet fall instantly in love with you, do you bidding, your homework, clean your room, brush your teeth for you,...the possiblitlies are limitless!

There is one book, known as the Necronomicon, thought to be a fictional invention by the great horror writer H.P.Lovecraft, but which, in fact, does exist, and which, in fact, I have seen with my own eyes and found so powerful that I shudder to think what would happen were it to fall into the wrong hands.

In my hands, it is safe. I use it only when I want one of my Hubs to become magnetically popular, or when I want to impress the girl at the deli to give me one extra dollop of creme cheese on my bagel. But I am scrupulous and careful and I don't go around making myself Prime Minister of Canada with the Necronomicon, because, even though I could, I am not ready for that--yet. Possibly I will replace Evan Solomon and his CBC news show by getting a place on his Power Panel and wowing the Nation with my political insight--that might be ok for start.

But as I say, true magnetic personality is got in many ways, and the way you choose to seek it out is your choice, and your risk. You don't want to become magnetic too quickly or people will think you are up to something fishy. Which you are. But you don't want them to know that.

Just be cool like the Fonz on the hit tv show 'Happy Days'. He was magnetic but he never made it look like he had magnets in his hair (which he did) or used a battery to charge his charisma everynight (which he did)--to all extents and purposes he was just born that way. Which he wasn't.

Remember: behind all great men is not a great woman. It's a magnet.

 That's the secret. Keep it to yourself.

Amazing TESLA COIL Gallery

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cute girl and Tesla coilTesla coil ring on polestatic electric effectjelly fish Tesla coil effectTesla coil diagram
cute girl and Tesla coil
cute girl and Tesla coil
Tesla coil ring on pole
Tesla coil ring on pole
static electric effect
static electric effect
jelly fish Tesla coil effect
jelly fish Tesla coil effect
Tesla coil diagram
Tesla coil diagram

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