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How to Hide Pages You're a Fan of on Facebook

Updated on June 29, 2010

A problem that a lot of people have on Facebook is that they don't know how to hide the pages they are a fan of (or "like") from people who aren't their friends or even from people who are. Allow me to give an example situation to clarify. Say you support gay rights, but are friends with someone on Facebook who doesn't, and likes to try to press their views upon you. So one day, you become a fan of "gay rights" on Facebook and your friend immediately starts pressuring you into changing your mind. There are many other situations that could merit needing to hide your pages from someone else, but this is one of the bigger ones (or any controversial issue). Perhaps you just want to find a way to prevent people who aren't your friends from knowing you "like" cookies. It all depends on the situation, but this article will show you how to hide your fan pages from people on Facebook.

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To begin, log on to Facebook and click "Account" > "Privacy Settings."

Then, under "Basic Directory Information," click "view settings."

Next, look for the entry labeled "See my interests and other Pages." To the right of it is a menu. Clicking on it will allow you to choose if you want your pages visible to everyone, just friends, or specific people. If you want it visible to friends only, select that and you are done.

If you want to hide it from a specific friend (as you may in the example above), then click "edit" next to "Custom." Then, a box will pop up. In the "Hide this from" text box, type that friend's name and then save.

That's it! Now, when that friend (or a non-friend, depending on your setting) views your page, they will no longer see this:

Instead, they'll see this:

As you can see, they won't be able to see those pages. Now, make sure that when you do join a new group or "like" / become a fan of a page you don't want them to see that you delete it from your profile because the steps above don't stop them from seeing your activity. Do that by clicking the delete button next to the post saying you joined/became a fan/liked whatever. You're not "unliking it," just preventing others from seeing it.

Once you do that, you are finished! Now hopefully you won't be bothered about joining those controversial groups. And you won't have to explain to your mom why you "liked" "wet t-shirts."

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    • profile image

      Luiz 3 years ago

      I am happy that logical diisusscon can be continued. Different point of view is never a problem, like you and me.Be careful on the word "majority", you sure you agree with "those silent will be fully acknowledge that their right will be represented by those who chose to be not silent"? 0.5m people protest can be "the majority of HK" before, and 0.1m people protest can also be "the majority of HK" now while HK has about actually 7m of people. How about if someone organize a party to support CY and 0.1m joined, will you agree that "the majority of hk fully support CY"? Please think carefully and push HK to a logical direction.I don't join the party because I don't agree with it. I have never consented others to represent me.Anyway this is a "real fact" that there are only a few % of HK people support the banana party. I don't support them because they never make reasonable planning and suggestions but just destruct what gov proposed!

    • profile image

      DamnedPrivacy 5 years ago

      Yep, they've changed the site around completely, again...

      If you could update this, it would be awesome. My friend keeps nagging me about the clop pages I like and comment on...

    • profile image

      shumayal 7 years ago

      Pls update it.. the page is changed.. it looks different.