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How to Host Your Blog for Free: Free Blog Hosting Services

Updated on November 5, 2009

Welcome to free blog hosting hub, in our previous article (hub) we had talked about the definition and characteristics of a successful blog, I hope you got the article informative and of value. In this hub we are going to look at how one can get started blogging for money

Blog Hosting

There are so many companies that would help you with blog hosting; it is up to you to decide the best company and what you would look for from these companies are blog hosting prices and other services offered by the companies. This hub will mainly focus on free blog hosting services available online

Host your blog for free

free blog hosting services
free blog hosting services

Below are free blog hosting platform

Blogger is a free blog hosting platform owned by Google, it has got many features that will make your blog very attractive and interactive. The beauty of blogger is that anybody from any part of the world can start their own blog

If you found blogger not to be user friendly, then consider hosting your free blog with, it has got many features that will also make your blog interactive and attractive. It also comes with different templates that you will find useful

If you found that the blogger and yola are not the best free hosting platform, then wordpress is also one of the leading blog hosting that many webmasters uses. It has got a variety of themes that you can apply.

Although many people still don’t know about weebly for free blog hosting, it is also one of the best free blog hosting platform that you can use. Weebly comes with few themes to apply but it is very simple to use

Is also one of the free best blog hosting platform, the only one disadvantage of that you need to know is that lock out users from other countries and their services are limited to a few selected countries. Find out whether your location is eligible to use today.  

Those are some of the mostly used free blog hosting platform that you can use. One big disadvantage is that your blog address will have their name at the end i.e.,,,,


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    • profile image

      Cheap Web Hosting 6 years ago

      Now a day, people prefer going with paid hosting service. The reason is to have there own web space with there individual domain identity which looks more professional.

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      @fastfreta - Thanks and hope you now know about other

      free blogging platform

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      This is a very useful hub. I use and wordpress, but I am unfamiliar with the other. I'll have to go over and take a look. Thanks for the research on this hub.

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks probyte2u, just check the other free blog hosting platform and I hope you will like them, thanks again for stopping by my hub

    • probyte2u profile image

      Eidul Ameen Bin Sahul Hamid 8 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia

      Nice hub, I am familiar with blogger & wordpress. The other three never heard before this. Will be checking out the other three.