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How to Improve the iPad Battery Time

Updated on May 3, 2010

The iPad the a device that has quickly become the preferred gadget for a lot of users. The iPad was created to deliver an improved mobile experience for everyone and it has given impressive advantages compared to earlier viewing devices, such as the Kindle and other tablet computers.

One of the issues of the iPad, however, is battery power. As people find more and more uses for the iPad, they start to run out of power earlier than expected. This might be just a small annoyance for some, but for people who use the iPad extensively, it might become a severe usability issue.

Despite the normal ten hours of battery time provided by the iPad, it is always useful to find additional battery time for situations when it is not easy to find a power outlet.

It is possible to find ways to improve the battery power of the iPad. The following tricks have helped me to get more juice out of the device by following some simple techniques:

  • Learn to use the iPad with dimmed lights. It is not hard to learn to use the iPad with a less bright screen. In fact, it is probably better for your eyes, since it is easier to focus on the screen when lights are not so bright.
  • Find a dark corner where you can use the iPad: this trick is based on the previous one; in a dark corner you can use less brightness, which improves battery time. You should find places where light can work to your advantage.
  • Find less hungry applications: For example, if you are just typing text, don't use the full-featured iWork application. There are other applications that work just as well and are less power hungry.

Using these tricks I was able to get great results. I rarely need to recharge before ten hours of use. Let me know the results that you get.


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