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How to Install and Use the Telegram App on Android

Updated on August 18, 2016

The Telegram App for Android

Telegram has been receiving raving reviews and has gained in popularity becoming an alternate messaging app to the more popular messengers such as Whatsapp. The Telegram app is cloud based and this means that you can seamlessly use the app across devices from your smartphone to a tablet or to a computer. The app is absolutely free and does not have the annoying ads.

Telegram is a powerful and fast instant messaging app laden with extremely good and useful features. Some of the features that make Telegram stand out are: stringent security standards, the clear and clean interface, sending and receiving of all types of files, encrypted messages, unlimited cloud storage, secret chats and self-destructing chats.


The telegram app for android is compatible with all android devices and is available in many different languages. It is even possible to use Telegram with any other language supported by external language packs.

How to Install the Telegram App on Android

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your android device and search for the Telegram app. You can also directly find the app on this link
  • Download the telegram app to your android device and install it
  • Launch the Telegram app after installation and on the window tap on the Start Messaging button.
  • On the next window, choose your country and enter your phone number. Tap on ‘Done’ button upon which Telegram will send you an activation code to the entered phone number via SMS.
  • Enter the activation code for verification and you proceed to the registration screen
  • On the registration screen, enter your name and tap ‘Done’.

You have completed the process of installation of the Telegram app and it is ready for use or rather messaging.


How to use Telegram

The first step will be to add contacts to start messaging if you are using the phone number for the first time. In the situation that the phone number used was in existence, Telegram will search through your contact list for any contacts that are associated with a Telegram account. The contacts associated with a Telegram account will be seen and you can start messaging the owners of these accounts.

Once you are on Telegram, you will have to ask your friends on you contact list who do not have Telegram accounts to register to begin messaging with them. On the other hand, you can invite your friends from other messaging apps such as Whatsapp to Telegram. It is very simple, tap on the menu button on your android once you have launched Telegram and select contacts. Proceed to tap on the button Invite Friends and select the source from which you want to invite friends. If it is from Whatsapp, select that choice and begin to invite your friends.

How to use Telegram

Sending messages on Telegram

Telegram will enable you to send messages as well as to send all types of files. To start a chat, tap on the new message icon at the top right hand corner. Then select the contact with whom you want to chat or even exchange files. Type your message in the chat window and when you finish your message, tap on the paper plane icon to send it.

How do you rate the Telegram app

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Other functions that can be achieved with Telegram are the sending of your location to friends, initiating a secret chat, sending photos, web images, and videos. Simply tap the paperclip icon next to the text field in the chat window and choose the items you may want to share or send.


To initiate a secret chat, select the New Secret Chat option and then the contact with whom you want to chat with. All the messages sent through secret chat are encrypted meaning that no one else get to access and read them. Further still, the secret chat can be set to self-destruct. After activating this option, the secret chat will be securely erased upon the lapse of the set time.

Get to install the Telegram app and enjoy the many features absolutely free. Telegram guarantees security on the platform and for its users.


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