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How to Make Facebook's Font Larger

Updated on November 3, 2010

Facebook's font is too small. People are complaining everywhere. It seems like the world might end. But fear not, because you can easily change the font back to the larger version. There are a few pre-requisites, however, so make sure you meet them:

- You are using Google Chrome (I am working on a Firefox version of this, but unfortunately, it isn't as simple.


To begin, you must use Google Chrome. Search for it on Google and download it. It is basically a web browser, similar to Internet Explorer, but much faster and safer. It is also free. If you already have Chrome installed, then continue with the next step.

Next, go to this link and install the Stylebot extension.

Changing the Font

Next, after Stylebot has installed, navigate to Facebook. Click the little CSS icon in the address bar. 

On the right, a sidebar will appear. It will look like this:

Click the box on the left part that has the mouse pointer like this:

You will notice that when you scroll over the main page of Facebook, certain areas are highlighted in green. When you click them, you can then change the styles on the right. Click any status update. 

Now, in the sidebar, enter a larger font size, such as 13, for the font size entry. When you're done, click outside of the sidebar and it will disappear. Now, whenever you visit Facebook, the font will be larger.

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    • profile image

      Adam Basha 4 years ago

      Just press Ctrl + + to make it bigger in any browser.

    • profile image

      FUBO 5 years ago

      The only solution requires using Chrome?

      Out of one end the Borg's rectum and back into the other.

      NO THANKS.

    • profile image

      fL 6 years ago