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How to Make Your ‘About Us’ Page Exceptional

Updated on October 30, 2015

All the different pages of your website hold some degree of importance but your About Us page is probably one of the most critical of them all. Its overall tone and content has a huge impact on your business’s market and their decision to do business with you, yet a lot of people fail to see and maximize its importance

Its Importance

Your website may have an impressive design, but a mediocre About Us page could ruin the entire experience. Your About Us page shows what you are all about and gives an overview of your business culture. It shows potential clients if your beliefs match theirs and could help them make the decision to work with you or not. It makes your audience see what sets you apart from everybody else and explains what you can give them that nobody else can. It gives you the chance to add a personal touch to your website and find ways to connect with customers by relating to them in every way possible.

What It Should Contain

Because your About Us page is important, there are a few vital pieces of information that you should always consider adding:

Your Mission

Your mission helps your customer understand what you do and why you do it. It gives them a general impression of your company and helps them understand how your culture works. It also gives customers a better gauge whether you are somebody they can work with or not. Make sure your mission shows that you are truly passionate about the work that your company does. Do not make the mistake of making potential clients feel that you are only after their money. Rather, make them feel like you are committed to fulfilling their needs no matter what it takes.

Your Vision

If your business mission focuses on the present, your business vision focuses on tomorrow. Your company vision shows people what direction your company is headed. It gives them an overview of the things you want to achieve as a company and could help them see if you are working towards the same goals or not. This is the best way to show customers that you have a clear path that you want to take and should somehow be proof that you will go through every challenge just to reach those goals. Make sure these goals are aligned with your mission.

Your History

This is a great way to make potential clients stay on your website. Especially when written using the perfect tone, it creates a connection to your target market by making them relate to your story as if you are telling it to them personally. Make this part really interesting and engaging because this is definitely one of the best ways to capture a reader’s attention and remember your business wherever they go.

Your Products and Services

Give a brief description of what you have to offer. Even if you have a separate page for products and services, it is always better to consolidate information on the About Us page, especially if your target market is composed mostly of people on the go. They would have very little time and patience to go through page after page just to find what they need, and would most likely just check on your About Us page to find immediate answers. Make the description short, linking back to your Products and Services page if possible. This would help viewers navigate more efficiently, especially if they become interested enough to find out more about each product and service.

Other Things to Remember

No matter what happens, always treat your About Us page as one of the things that could make or break your website. Its impact on your business and the image you are trying to project is undoubtedly so great that you should take extra care in writing each word. Feel free to add anything that you think would add to your business’s good image. You can add an overview of awards and recognitions that you have received in the past, as well as some testimonials from happy clients you have worked with in the past. Some also make the page more personal by adding faces and names of the key people in the organization, along with their roles, experiences and achievements. Add any social initiatives, charitable contributions, and any other pieces of information that you believe will add to any visitor’s good impression on your brand and products. Just make sure not to make the page too long as this could make the reader lose interest altogether. You can maximize the amount of information without sacrificing page length by adding different links and sections under your About Us page so that visitors can skip to the areas they are most interested in.

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