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How to Make Your Group a Top 20 Group

Updated on January 1, 2018

Why Do I want a Top 20 Group?

If you are a Cafemom member and own your own group on the site, having a top 20 group allows for your group to be seen by millions of members making it more likely to achieve more members! Depending on what your group is about, (ie: support group, venting group, or art and signature group), the goal is to have high activity for more content and conversation to be shared. The following will cover ways to attain a high ranking for your group in positive and less than scrupulous ways. These suggestions will almost undoubtedly get your group active!

Less Scrupulous Ways of Upping Your Activity

I myself have had a number of top ranking groups in the past and have used all different ways of promoting the group to become a high ranked group in the last 10 years. Currently, I only use the more organic, and slower way of achieving a top rank, but I felt I should share all options. It is up to the owner's ethics on how they want to promote their group.

Refreshing Pages

Many people know about the button F5 to refresh a page. This, in fact, is the quickest and the most unscrupulous ways of getting your group to the top. What refreshing a page/post does is makes the post has refreshed views which the site reads as the activity for the group.

Disclaimer: due to abuse of this option in the past by many groups, sees it as an illegitimate way of achieving a high rank and has stated that it overwhelms the site's servers and can result in a permanent ban to the site. Fair warning on using this option.


A legitimate way to achieve a high rank, but tends to give members a false idea of what to expect in the group, is bumping a post. The bump button is an option to bump a post from lower in the line up of posts, such as if it is off the main page to push it to the top. Many owners and their admins create bump posts where it is nothing bump bumps. This can be done in two ways: The first is to just quickly click the bump button which results in multiple bumps in a short period of time. Second is Typing a phrase and repeatedly clicking the "post" button to get that response to be posted repeatedly. This can result in thousands of "bumps" in a post which equates to views and false activity notifications on activity in the group.

This may give a group a quick boost in rank, but when members see that all the activity is a single post that can't really promote conversation, they lose interest and leave the group. In addition, admins and members who participate if the bump post is public to the group, do get tired of clicking so much that they end up burning out from the activity which will result in the group losing rank and potentially dying.

"Stealing" Members

"Stealing" members of another group just means that a group up and coming goes to more established groups and go down their member list and invites them to their group. The idea behind doing this is that they are inviting members who have proven to be active.

This is technically a legitimate option, however, it may give these established groups a bad taste in their mouth because doing this is seen as shady, especially if the new group's owner is already a long time member of the group they are stealing from. This may cause drama, which leads us to our next less scrupulous option to be a top 20 group.


This is one of the most popular ways of getting a high rank in a group, for many groups. It is hard to avoid drama on a site that has millions of individuals participating in it. There are groups dedicated to drama, so this would be perfectly fine in using. You can create drama between groups or members of groups by bringing up past beef, posting known questionable information about them publically, or making up rumors about each other.

If you are wanting a group that isn't focused on drama as a main aspect of the group, this would probably be a less then an ideal way of getting your group high in rank. Though there almost always is an occasional member or post that goes into a dark place in non-drama groups, it is unavoidable, it is easy enough to remove a troublesome member from the group or deleting the troubled post.

Filler Posts

Filler posts are posts that are bland, repetitive in all group, standard questions that members get tired of seeing, but qualifies as legitimate activity, in addition to making the group look like there is more content then there really is. The are posts that ask questions that after answering, leaves no room for further discussion, topics that have been broached repeatedly in every group like your top favorites ___, and posts that only admins seem to make and respond to. This final result tends to make a group feel cliqish and is off putting to newcommers. So the occassional filler post is fine, it should not take up the bulk of the content in your group.

Legitimate Ways to a Achieve a High Rank

These are the ideal options for achieving a high rank on! The may result in a slower upping of the rank, it tends to end up in having a more well-rounded group that will last much longer than these other

Interesting Content

An important aspect of a group is the content. That is the bread and butter of activity and what allows for steady interaction with the members. Interesting content, in the form of posts, can consist of games, unique questions, thought-provoking discussions and debates, and all have the quality allowing for the members to feel they are getting something out of participating in the posts. Just asking how many kids one has or what they ate for breakfast isn't going to cut it. Try to come up with thought-provoking questions and topics that allow for the conversation to continue past an initial response and where the participants want to return to the post to see what other members responses are.

Reliable Moderators

Moderators, also known as admins on the site, are necessary for the group to be successful. While just having an owner can theoretically do it all on her own, it does take a lot of time and energy to create and sustain a successful group which is why having reliable admins you trust is essential. There are two types of admins: a head admin slot and regular admin slots. To become a head admin, you are giving options regular admins do not have, similar to the owners and their responsibility is to stand in place of the owner if she is M.I.A. or as allowed for a certain amount of control of the group to fall on the head admin(s). Regular admins have a bit fewer options available to them, but they are still required to help moderate the group and make sure it stays active.

Though it may take time to find who is reliable or not, establishing what you expect from your admins, from how often you expect them to be active to what their duties are, helps create a smoother structure on functionality if something in the group comes up that may cause an issue. There would already be expectations in place on how to deal with them. You can have unlimited admins, but generally, one head admin and at least three to five regular admins seem to be the best for success.


Sending out invites through private messages, chatterboxes, and signatures promoting the group are standard fare to get new members to the group. Inviting a handful a week will allow for a constant flow of new faces and to boost activity from those interested in joining the group. You can find fresh faces in the "Who's online" option of the site and also use Cafemom owned groups to scout out new members since they generally have thousands active each day. You can have a successful group without inviting once the group is established long enough or a top 20 group, but to jump-start the group's member list, you will need to invite your friends and new members to the group.

Sister Groups

A sister group is a group who has agreed to allow you and your members to discuss and promote your group in theirs and vice versa. It can be quite efficient in spreading the word of a new group and attaining new members.

Disclaimer: Be aware that if you aren't part of a sister group or in a group that allows advertising of other groups, you are likely to have your post removed and at worst, be removed from the group. This applies to Cafemom owned groups as well, so be mindful of the group guidelines.

Self Promotion

Self-promotion on Cafemom means discussing your group with others and making a name for yourself and the groups you own. So does this by starting drama and having their group associated with it as listed above to promote themselves. Others use signatures and invites. While others have sister groups to self-promote. One needs to have their group known for it to become popular.

Giving Members a Reason to Return

As discussed above, members need to want to return to a group which will result in more activity. If your goal is to have an active group with many members, this is a key point that must be meant to succeed. Games, interesting discussions, but most importantly the connections made between members will almost guarantee that the group will succeed. The site is dedicated to mothers and would-be mothers. Creating bonds with one another help not only in gaining new relationships with one another, but it will result in giving your members a place to meet online to stay connected.


Hopefully, the suggestions above will give you some ideas on how to achieve a top 20 group. Whether you choose positive methods or the less scrupulous ones to get these results is up to you. It all depends on what your intentions are in wanting to be a top 20 group. Just remember, this is your creation so therefore you need to put as much work in the group's upkeep as your members and admins. With an owner who isn't around, the group will slowly become inactive and die. It is time-consuming but the results can be enjoyable if you are successful in this endeavor.

© 2018 Lippy Witch


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