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How to Make a Webpage Using Notepad

Updated on May 13, 2014

HTML Basic

HTML is a markup language. HTML is used to mark up a text document, just as a newspaper editor would do with a pencil. The marks used by the editor indicate which format should be used when printing the marked text. HTML tags determine the way in which the text is going to appear in the browser. Since HTML is a tag-oriented text markup language that works with standard ASCII text, all you really need to begin creating HTML pages is a good text editor. For example, if you’re using a version of Windows, Notepad will do just fine.


What is needed?

We need a browser. A browser is a small program that makes it possible to open web pages. Here is not important which browser we should use. The most commonly used browser is Internet Explorer (IE). There are other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari. You can use anyone of them. Another thing you need is a good text editor. You can use program like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or even a simple text editor like notepad. Notepad is a small application which is always installed with windows operating systems. So you don’t need any more text editor for webpage creation.
If you are a linux user you can try gedit or kedit. For Mac user a program called TextEdit can be used.

Writing your code

To open notepad click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad. There is a shortcut way to open notepad. Press Ctrl+r from keyboard, type notepad and the press enter. You will find out a simple editor. This is the program where you can write down your text and save it.

Structure of an HTML document

The HTML document is usually divided into two structures. The Head and the Body. The following are the most common tags that appear in any HTML document.

HTML : This tag identifies the document as an HTML document.

HEAD : This tag identifies the starting and ending of the Header Section.

TITLE : This tag places the title bar text in the Web browser.

COMMENT : This tag is used to include comment entries in the HTML document.

BODY : This tag identifies the main portion of the Web page.

Every tag is enclosed in a pair of angle brackets. The opening tag begins with a left angle bracket (<) followed by the tag name, and then the right angle bracket (>). Closing tags are just like opening tags except that the tag name starts with a slash (/).
Tags are of two types. Empty tags and non-empty tags.
Empty tags are those which need not be closed. Non empty tags are those which have to be closed. For example, <TITLE> is a non-empty tag, which means that it has to be closed with </TITLE>. Some tags like <P>, used for Paragraph break need not be closed. Such tags are called as empty tags.

Now let us create the simplest form of a HTML document. The following code is used to display the title on the Web browser’s Title bar.

<TITLE>Welcome to my webpage</TITLE>

Just type this simple document into notepad. We are going to save the file and then open it in another program (browser) to view it. To save your file click on
FILE -> Save as

When you click on ‘Save As’, then a new window will appear where you can change your location and data type. Now we are going to save the document as web.html

For this, you need to put the name in ‘File Name’ field and also need to change the data type. By default, notepad selects ‘txt’ as data type but we need to change it to ‘All files’. You can also change the saved file location if you want but we saved it in desktop. Now click on Save button. Your document is saved in desktop.

View your webpage

Now we are going to view our webpage in a browser. To do this, open any browser. Click on File -> Open File

Locate your file from desktop and then click open button to view your webpage.

Here you can see only title in the page. But there is no content because we didn’t put anything inside our webpage.

If you need to change your webpage or like to include some content to do this you have to edit you ‘web.html’ file.
For doing this right click on ‘web.html’ -> Open with -> Notepad.

Then you can see your notepad document. Now you will add your content inside html file and save it. After that if you open your html file with your browser, you will see the difference.

I hope this article was helpful in learning regarding how to make a webpage using notepad. If you have any questions about this article, don’t forget to leave a comment.

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