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How to Manage the Hard Disk Space in Windows 7

Updated on May 19, 2011

Steps :

Step 1:

Go to Windows 7 Menu and choose control panel. you will see a window like shown below. choose 'System and Security'.

Step 2:

you will see a window like given below.Choose 'Administrative Tools'.

Step 3:

Now you will see a pop-up that contains a no of icons that are associted with different functionalities . choose 'Computer Management'.Now this will open another Window of 'Computer management'. From this window choose 'Storage'.

Step 4:

After choosing storage option ,you will find only one option 'Disk Management'. So, choose it. Now, you will see the 'information about your hard disk as well as other storage devices connected to your computer at that time'. Now to manage any part of your hard disk or any other storage device just 'right click' on it you will see options like 'Shrink ,Extend, Delete etc' as per possibility. So ,do whatever you want with it...


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      AymanAnons 3 years ago

      Thank your very much ^^