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5 Essential Digital Camera Accessories for Every User

Updated on October 3, 2014
picking out camera accessories.
picking out camera accessories. | Source

How to Pick Out Useful Digital Camera Accessories

When you get a digital camera, you will notice that there are lots of accessories to choose from, and it can even get a little overwhelming. Luckily there are 5 major categories of digital camera accessories and if you want to get items for your camera, you really only need things from these sections. The following categories are listed in order of importance.

SD Cards (Memory Cards)

Taking great shots is hard, but can be very rewarding, especially when your memory card is hassle free and gives you the best possible images later. Most cameras now take SD Cards, but some need compact flash. Keep in mind when looking for an SD Card that they are not all alike.

SD Cards come in many types of classes. A class is a reference to the speed that card can be read and written on. Most low-end point-and-shoot cameras won’t need anything more than the lowest SD Card. Once you start to go into the high-end devices, the low end SD Cards start to exhibit issues, and won’t be able to keep up during video creation, or even exhibit lag between photo taking.

The classes are are available in Class 2, 4, 6 and 10. There is also an Ultra High Speed designation, but that is only for devices which are compatible. You will find the class indicated on the SD Card packaging, and your required class will be indicated in your device’s manual.

If you want to find out more about the classifications of SD cards, go to the SD card Associations website at


The single most important accessory you can choose for your camera is the lens. Of course, most point-and-shoot cameras come with the lens built in so you are stuck with what you bought. When you start to dive into the realm of photography with a more sophisticated camera, like the Canon Rebel, your photos can start to look more like those you see the pros take.

The lenses break down into several different categories, including: wide angle, telephoto or a close-up lens. There are other types of lenses out there, but you can decide what is best for you once you reach that level.

Wide angle lens: perfect for scenery shots

Telephoto: long range and wildlife shots

Close-up lens: great for taking pictures of small things or things around the house.

Camera Case

Depending on the the type of camera you have and the additional accessories you want to carry, you may may need a small form fitting case the size of a small wallet, or a backpack/duffel bag. If you are going to need a lot of accessories and you have a high-end camera, consider a backpack sized case. It will be easier to carry, and it will blend in more, as well as reduce your risk of theft.

A small case for a point and shoot just needs to provide adequate protection for you camera, and for most people that means protection from keys while inside a purse or other bag. There are thousands of cases of all different sizes, materials, colors, and level of protection. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


Straps are just straps. Most brands of higher-end cameras have accessories that will fit your particular device, just go to your favorite camera shop (online or in person) and search for a strap that fits your model or your style of camera. For the lower-end devices, you can simply go online to find straps, just be wary of the construction from hand-made or cheap straps: they could break and wreck your beautiful camera.


You could pay hundreds of dollars on expensive stabilizers or expensive stands to take great shots, but all you really need is some stuff you can find at a hardware store.

A tripod: Perfect for taking self portraits, you might want to consider buying this one at the store. Building one at home might take more effort than its worth. If you are so inclined, just be sure to find a mount that fits the hole in your camera and then attempt to construct the tripod. You can find dozens across the web, including on

A simple stabilizer: The most useful stabilizer you can use with your camera is just a mount for your camera that is attached to tall stick of bamboo or wood (~5 ft tall, or according to your height). By placing your camera on this type of stand and using it, you become part of a tripod with the post and your camera becomes remarkably free of jiggling. You will start to produce fantastic shots with much greater ease.

How many accessories do you have for your camera?

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    • Chantelle Porter profile image

      Chantelle Porter 

      3 years ago from Chicago

      I am laways looking for ways to enhance my photos. Thanks for sharing

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      5 years ago from Nepal

      Whether you are amateur photographer, or professional photographer, you need these camera accessories. I always find difficult to choose the right kind of lens.

    • TheKatsMeow profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      @RTalloni thanks for the comment! It's appreciated!

    • RTalloni profile image


      5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for the stabilizer idea. It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that" duh ideas. :)


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