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Easy way to Pick a Good Username for Games and more!

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Andrew has been creating usernames since 1995 on windows 95. Starting with AOL dialup and continuing even through today!

Username Required

Ever since the first pong games out virtual memory required that you make a username to save data under. This required the user think or more often not think about what they want to call themselves. Sure, you can pick your real name but what fun is that? Good usernames are part of what makes games fun and entertaining. Not only games, but everything from your windows login to your twitter or runescape account take a username. It might not be easy, it might even be hard to pick the right username for you, but lets take a look at someways of picking a great username. Now just like everything else in life, usernames are no different, good usernames for one site or game will not necessarily be the best for another. With this in mind I am only going to make the following suggestions for things such as online games such as mmorpgs, pvp games (like League of Legends), or fps (first-person-shooters).

Different angles on your Username

Different approaches to your name depend on what kind of person or player you will want to be. We will take Runescape for an example - if you plan on being a player killer you would most likely want to pick something like:

  • Killer
  • Blade
  • xxHeadHunterxx
  • LosturWhip
  • BattleMage

But if you plan on mostly skilling all the time a better username would be:

  • EliteMiner
  • Zkiller
  • 2Skilled4U
  • MerchMan

Of course these are just the username angles implying to the game itself. Theres a lot more options. For example you can pick something very generic, normally in videogames the more basic and generic your name is the older/more experienced you are. Some of these include:

  • Apple
  • Hawk
  • Jimmy
  • Girl
  • Dog

Basic and simple works well. If your late to the party and still want to be famous in the game your playing, try picking a funny username. Something when people see it they cant help but laugh and talk about. Some examples of these are:

  • PikaPocket
  • ShiverMeLoins
  • HoorayWeinerCat
  • ThatGuyWithPants
  • AteMyToast

Of course the typo funny name is most infamous for its ability to bypass filters. People with these names are often not banned for offensive usernames. They include:

  • Tucking Fypo
  • Cazy Lunt
  • KickedrMomAs
  • Peaty Menis
  • Bumb Ditch

Also there is a set of usernames that sound funny when said out loud. These names are not great for any game you intend playing over a vice chat system. These names are:

  • Hugh Jass
  • LickMyFavina
  • SokMaOwner

Oh No! Username is TAKEN!!!

What do I do? Like oh my god I am always <username> on every game I play! This isn't fair, why did this person make the name before me? Wow, this person made the name and doesn't even play - I am so mad. So what do I do? Most people will randomly start adding numbers to there name. Lets take "Dragon" for example. This is what not to do:

  • Dragon1
  • Dragonv6
  • 66Dragon66
  • dragon192384
  • dragon1993
  • 1Dragon

Adding numbers to the end of your name that don't belong or have no purpose really makes you look like a noob/baddie/wannabe. That sounds harsh but when your online its true, why would I ever want to talk to someone named dragon192384? I know that it is hard to find a username that is available, and most sites will suggest adding numbers if they even suggest anything. There are much better options out there. Some great examples which top players and at least higher tier players pick are what follows:

  • Dark- : Adding Dark before a name really is a great way of getting by. DarkDragon sounds a lot cooler and better then dragon1. The biggest mistake people do when adding "Dark" to something is they forget to capitalize the original username. Darkdragon doesn't have the same aesthetic impact DarkDragon has. This of course is only on sites that allow you to capitalize more then just the first letter.
  • Lord- : For the people who really plan on playing the game to its highest levels. LordDragon
  • King- : A top player in a game that excels at some part of it with King in its name will be talked about and known by many more then one without. KingDragon
  • xX <username> Xx : This is a great way of getting a tough name. xXDragonXx has a great chance of being open compared to the normal username.
  • xl <username> lx : Again, a nice way of bracketing the word. xlDragonlx
  • -z : Adding z to the end of the name works. Dragonz
  • ql <username> lp : Not very common, leaving it open almost 99% of the time. qlDragonlp
  • -TM : Not a common add on. Open more then 99% of the time. DragonTM
  • .: <username> :. : Common on forums, most games don't allow punctuation. .:Dragon:.

How to Correctly use Numbers

Names that are supposed to have numbers in them work fine. Here's some examples:

  • 747
  • 6SiX6
  • Wanna69
  • 1stPlayer
  • 7 ate 9
  • 1337

Usernames from 2012 through Present

There has also been a new trend for usernames for gaming and even general online accounts as a whole. Due to the ever increasing popularity of Twitch Live-streaming and popular Youtube video makers literally creating a job out of playing games - we get a brand new breed of usernames! These usernames involve calling out the action that you want people to know you for. While some people find them "overrated" and "overused", there is an argument for using them to create a "Brand" for yourself online. These usernames all end with what the reason for knowing who the person is. Examples include:


Most of these names end in "plays" with capitals or all lowercase. This is to indicate that the person is a videogame player who makes videos or live streams. There are also game specific ones such as "-mines" for both minecraft and for cryptocurrency miners(bitcoin, litecoin, etc).

Usernames of the Last Kind

There are one more popular username that doesn't work in most games. This will however work on forums, Irc chats, and similar type places. We are of course talking about Emoticons and usernames made up of symbols. Examples of the best are:

  • ^.^
  • q[-_-]p
  • <(-.-)>
  • <(+_+)>

Picking a Username thats Memorable Tips and Tricks

Wrap Up

Hopefully this helps you pick the type of username you want. Its worth the time and effort to pick one you will be happy with so you don't need to change it or start a new account at somepoint. I know many people who would start a new account on a game because they wanted a new better name. Most of these names will not work for things other then online games. Of course, your allowed to do as you like - but there are separate guides to other username tips to make a successful good username. If you have a friend who enjoys having the name Toast96793 you might want to link them here and force them to read this =). Hope you enjoy, comments, thumbs up, and tweet/liking is encouraged! Lets together rid the world of bad usernames.

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i am not good at username, you are good at selecting these game names

    • profile image

      Idk 4 years ago

      Best name is miller mist

    • MelloYelloMan profile image

      MelloYelloMan 6 years ago

      HAHA! Awesome hub:) I played RS for about 8 years.. off and on.. Good times.

    • baterije profile image

      baterije 6 years ago from Slovenija

      Great article ! My 2c ; excellent pasword ( unhackable :) is 10 blanks .... ( yes break is also a asci character )

    • DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

      Felix J Hernandez 6 years ago from All over the USA

      This is a pro one for me, great Hub. You just about summed it up.