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How to Post Instant Video eCards on Facebook (view from within Facebook)

Updated on May 23, 2013
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A Software Developer, who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

History - Traditional Non Trendy eMail eCards

eCards are excellent eco-friendly version of paper greeting cards. Traditional eCards typically involved posting links to the created eCards as emails. So the receiver will open the mail box, get the notification, click on the link and see the card. These cards typically expire in a month.

However, these days, sending eCards via mails is not that trendy as it used to be. The notifications people respond to these days are mostly from their favourite social network aka Facebook, Google+ etc. And even if they checked their email before your link with your personal message gets expired, spam filtering will probably prevent your greeting from reaching it's destination.

Non Trendy vs. New!!

Sharing links to the eCards

As an alternative, you could post the link to your eCard on your Facebook (or other networks) In fact, most of eCards websites these days provide share links on the eCard page itself.

But, receiver would still have to click that link to see the card in it's entirety.

Video Instructions to Post an Instant Video eCard

YouTube Video eCards as Instant Facebook eCards

How about an Instant Video card, one which contains the message which is visible on your Facebook friend's timeline - and s/he can play the card without leaving Facebook.

Let's see how this can be done. Facebook timeline can embed and play YouTube Videos. So go to a eCard video channel - example uvassociates09 and click on the video you would like to send. You could click on Share button provided here, but that would limit your options - The card can be Shares on your timeline only, and you can't change the description Heading and description itself, which would typically be describing the eCard - not as personalised as we would like it to be.

© 2013, UV Associates. All Rights Reserved.
© 2013, UV Associates. All Rights Reserved.

More Personalised Look and Feel

Instead of using the share button, copy the link of the YouTube Video, and open Facebook. Paste link in status and wait for a moment. Facebook will get the link info - the description title, and description Text. Click on the description Title and change it something like, "Happy Birthday Dave!" Next click on description title. Type in any message you have for the receiver or remove simply delete the description. In the Text area above (where you pasted the link) remove the link and tag your friend (Type in @Dave and select from the drop down list)

You can also select who all can see this card. Select any of public, friends or friends+ to make your card publicly viewable or let your friends or friends of friends view the eCard respectively. If you want to send this wish privately, Use any of the two ways:

  1. Select "Only Me" and tag your friends - the setting would change to "Only Me+" to allow all those who've been tagged.
  2. Select "Custom" privacy and select Specific People or lists. Type in your friend's name.

Post and your Instant Video eCard's notification goes to your friend.

Alternatively, you could post the video card on your friend's (receiver) timeline instead of your own. Note that then the video card will be visible on only your friend's timeline - and you won't be able to control the visibility of this card

Unless the user deletes the video, your eCard does't expire, and the receiver can play the video card instantly without leaving Facebook.

So tag your friends and have fun with HD Facebook eCards by UV Associates.

Was that even usable for you? Lemme find out...

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