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How to Purchase a website domain

Updated on March 15, 2013

Choose your domain wisely

Why are domain names so important in ecommerce?
Why are domain names so important in ecommerce? | Source

The cheapest way to purchase a domain name

The fastest and most economical way to purchase your website domain is to go to a web hosting company website such as Limedomains or GoDaddy. These companies allow you to purchase domains for as low as $9.99 / year!

Once you visit these hosting company sites, you can search for the domain you wish to purchase in the 'Search for Domain names' box on their home page. This way you can see if the website name you're looking for is available. If is not available, then the search results will give you other optional names that are available. For instance, it will display the domain name you entered with the ending .net or .org incase .com was taken.

Buy your website domain before someone else does

Also, if your desired domain name is available, don't make the mistake to search for your desired domain name multiple times in any hosting company website because their software will let them know that "someone" is very interested in that domain name, and when you least expect it, someone else may buy that domain name only to try to sell it to you at a higher price!

For example, one time the domain name I wanted was available, but after constantly checking it to see if it was still available, one day all the sudden it was purchased. It was very odd because my domain name was kind of unique. Then weeks later, I got an email from someone trying to sell me that same domain I was interested for $167. I made the mistake to show too much interest when I could have bought it the first time for only $9.99.

So before you start searching or shopping around, write down your best choices in a piece of paper, then be prepared to buy your most favorable and available domain name idea instantly with your top choice hosting company.

On the other hand, if you want a better service hosting company that is going to give you better customer service, and more hosting efficiency, avoid lime domains and go for Fatcow hosting company. They are more pricey and range from $60-$100 / year for both hosting and domain purchase, but it may be worth it if you're planning to run a clean business website. They are my favorite and have good customer service as well. I hope you find this info helpful!


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