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Uninstall Microsoft Groove Synchronization: How to Remove or Delete Microsoft Groove Synchronization form Your Computer?

Updated on July 16, 2011

Microsoft Groove is a desktop application for document collaboration to all the members of a team. This is really a very helpful if you are working in a team. Otherwise, it's useless to you. I use Microsoft Office for my personal use only. So, like me, there are many users who use Microsoft Office 2007 for personal use only, this Groove is not very useful to them. If you don't want to use it, you can easily uninstall it. This page contains the information related to uninstall Microsoft Groove.

Steps to Remove or Uninstall Microsoft Groove Synchronization form Your Computer

Step 1:

Click on Start menu and then click on Control Panel.

Step 2:

Click on Add or Remove Programs.

Step 3:

Find Microsoft Office installation entry and select it. You will find a button Change button. Click o it.

Step 4:

A new window will be opened which will asked you several options. Choose Add or Remove Features from that and click on Continue button.

Step 5:

Now, from the installation window, click on Microsoft Groove. You will see a pop-up menu window will be opened. Select Not Available and click on Continue.

Step 6:

After finishing the above steps, it will ask you to restart your computer. Please select Yes to restart your computer and your computer will be restarted. After restarting your computer, you will see that Microsoft Groove is totally uninstalled.

By following the above steps you can easily remove or delete Microsoft Groove Synchronization from your computer.

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      Tom Sander 7 years ago

      Excellent! Thank you!!!