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How to Restart Windows Without Restarting the Computer?

Updated on July 9, 2011

Sometimes you need to restart your computer without restarting your computer. I think, you are astonished hearing this. Isn't you? I was too, when I first heard this. Really, you can restart windows without restarting the computer. Sometimes, you need to restart your Windows after restarting one program. Suppose, you are working on several programs. What do you do then? Do you close all the programs or do you suspend restart? This type of situation you need this. I was first learnt that when I was at class seven. Our computer teacher told us and we laughed after hearing that. That time the operating system was Windows 95. Can you imagine how Windows 95 was at that time? Ok... no need to talk other things. In the below, I will explain how to restart Windows without restarting the computer. 

Step 1:

Click on the Start  menu and then click on Shut Down button.

Step 2:

Now hold Shift key and then click on Restart button and then click Yes. Don't release Shift key.

Step 3:

Soon the screen will be cleared and then release Shift key just then.


  • If you continuously hold Shift key, your computer will be restarted and will be started in Safe Mode.
  • This is fully worked in Windows '95. I think Windows XP is not capable to do this.

© Written by rancidTaste

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