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How to Retrieve Your Voice Mail Password with Virgin Mobile

Updated on November 4, 2011

If you used the same code for both, then you should be able to access your voicemail using your Vkey password, but if it is a different set of numbers and you forgot them, there is one way to retrieve your voice mail pass code if you have forgotten what you chose. This will only work if you have previously enabled your voicemail skip pass code option (meaning you can access your voicemail from your handset without entering a pass code).

Below are the steps to follow if you had previously completed that. You can get your voicemail PIN by accessing your voicemail through your Virgin Mobile phone.

First, access your voicemail:
1. Upon entry, save, skip or delete any new messages.
2. Then press "3" for "personal options."
3. Next press "2" for "administrative options."
4. Then press "1" to turn your pass code option ON or OFF.
- Since your pass code was ON then press "1" to turn it OFF.
5. Once your pass code option is OFF, your voicemail PIN will be repeated to you. Write this down.
6. If you want, you can then turn your pass code ON by pressing "1" again.

If you do not have your pass code on (meaning you cannot access your voicemail even from your handset), Virgin will need to reset your voicemail so you can choose a brand new pass code! Unfortunately, due to a reset, you will lose any saved voicemails you currently have.

For additional assistance, contact Virgin mobile usa at 1-888-322-1122 (or *86 from your handset). You can reach Virgin from 4am-9pm PST.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      I think so...

    • profile image

      jery colman 5 years ago

      Can my password or a new password be sent to my email?

    • profile image

      tom 6 years ago

      Umm..if u forgot your password how would you access your voicemail?

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Maybe there is something else not working?

    • profile image

      vivyan 6 years ago

      i can't acess ny voicmail help