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How to Save and Export Bookmarks from Firefox

Updated on December 13, 2012
Image1: Mozilla Firefox
Image1: Mozilla Firefox

Steps to Export bookmarks on Firefox:

  1. Open your firefox browser
  2. On right hand side, top menu, click on Display your bookmars and then click show all bookmarks (Image2)
  3. Bookmark Library will open up
  4. On top menu, click Import and Backup and then clikc Export Bookmarks to HTML (Image3)
  5. A popup will appear with the option to save bookmars as html. Choose a location that you can easily remember and click save. (Image4)
  6. Now all you bookmarks are saved as bookmarks.html and you can import them on to any browser you like.

Image2: Show All bookmarks
Image2: Show All bookmarks
Image3: Import and Backup, Export bookmarks to html
Image3: Import and Backup, Export bookmarks to html
Image4: Save bookmarks.html file
Image4: Save bookmarks.html file

Did you know ?

  • Firefox 17 comes with a new social networking toolbar support, with which you can see your Facebook requests, chats on your browser toolbar.
  • The new tab feature shows all your recently visited sites, and most viewed ones tops the list, making it easy for you to access your favorite sites.
  • Firefox has now browser support for Andriod, so now your smartphone has a new reason to smile.
  • Firefox is the only browser to have the address and search bar separate for the ease of access by its users.
  • It was earlier named Mozilla Firebird and then decided upon Mozilla Firefox

Common Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl+L --go to address bar
Ctrl+= --increase text size
Ctrl+- --decrease text size
Ctrl+W --close tab
F5 --reload
Alt-Home --go to home page

Ctrl+F -- Find
Alt+N -- find next
Ctrl+D -- bookmark page

Spacebar -- page down

Shift+Spacebar -- page up
Ctrl+F -- Find
Alt+N -- find next
Ctrl+D -- bookmark page
Ctrl+T -- new tab
Ctrl+K --go to search box


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