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How to Secure a wireless LAN?

Updated on May 15, 2009

Wireless LAN is a wireless local area network. By using wireless LAN, certain number of computers can be connected and communicated easily through wireless. Wireless LAN use spread-spectrum or OFDM modulation technology. As there is no physical medium all the data passed through wireless medium. So, data security or LAN security is an important thing. A wireless LAN can be secured by the following steps:

  • Enabling security features: It needs to enable security features such as wired equivalent privacy (WEP) standard.
  • Avoid using default or obvious passwords or keys: It is best not to use any default passwords or keys.
  • MAC address registration: It is good to register the unique MAC addresses of the LAN cards that access the network.
  • Using firewalls: If firewalls are used then the network becomes much secured.
  • Network monitoring: It’s a best practice to monitor the network time to time basics.
  • Physical security monitoring: Is there anyone sitting in the parking lot trying to listen in on the network?
  • Use secure socket layer encryption: If all the applications are web based then it’s good to use it.
  • Using WVPN: Using a wireless virtual private network or other tunneling protocol is very helpful for securing wireless LAN.

By following the above mentioned steps you can secure a wireless LAN.

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