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How to Select an Unforgettable Domain Name

Updated on March 1, 2011

How to select a domain name

It is important to learn how to select a domain name because a domain name is your online identity and an integral part of building your brand. The name you select will influence the way people navigate your website, their impression of you/your business once they are on your site and whether they retain it in memory once they leave. It is therefore critical to select an unforgettable high quality generic domain name if you are to stand a chance in the crowded Internet marketplace.

One of the things you should consider when selecting a domain name is your keywords. You should research and find out the specific words in your niche that people type into search engines. For example, if you sell golf accessories and equipment, it is probable that people looking for golf equipment would type in the words, “golf equipment” or “golf accessories” When registering or buying a domain name, it is a good idea to look for a high quality generic domain that comprises the keywords in your niche. Such names clearly define the mission of your website and are likely to be unforgettable.

If your intention is to build a high traffic website, then you are best advised to stick with a high quality generic dot com domain. Most visitors to your website will naturally assume that your domain name ends with dot com. Some less perceptive Internet visitors may not even know the difference between dot org, dot net and other extensions. We are in the 21st century but there are still many people out there, with money to spend on your goods and/or services, who still do not know the difference. Give such people exactly what they want with a high quality dot com generic domain, otherwise you shall be losing substantial Internet traffic.

Don’t buy or register a long domain name such as, “”; quite a mouthful and not easy to recall. Conventional wisdom as far as domain names go is the shorter the better. Keep it short and simple. It may of course difficult to get a short domain name in your niche. After all, with millions of domain names registered most of the good one’s are taken. However, with some patience you can purchase an excellent short generic domain online on one of the many domain marketplaces that exist. It may not come cheap but remember it shall be a worthwhile investment.

Finally and quite importantly, don’t register or buy a hyphenated generic domain name. Abbreviations are not advisable in domain names too. If you hyphenate your domain name, every time someone is typing in your site address in the URL bar, they have to stop and try and recall where the hyphen should appear. You may also be giving away traffic to your competitor who may own the unhyphenated domain name.


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