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How to Send Large File Attachment via YouSendIt

Updated on July 12, 2011

Sending large file attachment is always a problem of most e-mail users. There are lot of websites that offers you to send large file attachment online. One of these was YouSendIt. You can send up to 100MB to 2 GB file attachment. You send it offers a user friendly application suitable for all users online. You can send different file in you send it such as Microsoft Office documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). You can send also pictures and videos in you send it. You can set also security of the files you send by setting up a password to it

How to send a file for Sender;

1. Log in your account. Go to “send a file”
2. Enter your e-mail address “From” Textbox ( for sender). Please take note that it must be a valid e-mail address so that you can receive the receipt if the receiver already received the files.
3. Enter the e-mail address where you want to send the file e-mail address in ‘To” textbox. You can add more recipient e-mail address by adding semi-colon after the e-mail address.
4. Browse the file and attach it in the file attachment. Please take not that 1 file per upload. I suggest you to compress your files into zip file if you want to send more than 1 file.
5. Enter the subject you desired in the file attachment, but it is only option. It is better to add subject to avoid e-mail span in your recipient email boxes
6. Enter the message (optional only)
7. You can also verify the recipient identity by checking the textbox in “Verify Recipient Identity’, but it is also optional.
8. You can view the file you want to send by clicking “Preview what your recipient will see button”
9. And Click “ Send It” if finished

How to Download Attachment - For Recipient;

1. Wait for the e-mail from that containing the link and other information included from the sender.

2. If you already receive the e-mail, click the link, you will be redirected to the files link.

3. Click Download file:

4. You can download the file attachment as a receiver even you have no YouSendIt account.

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