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How to Send a Real Kiss Over the Internet

Updated on July 12, 2014
A team from Japan may have found a way to send long distance kisses!
A team from Japan may have found a way to send long distance kisses!

Long Distance Kissing May Soon be Possible

In a long distance relationship, gaps are bridged with the help of technology. Even when the other is not around, he or she seems to be close by thanks to an email, a text message, or a simple phone call. But what happens if you haven’t seen your loved one for too long, and you miss the feel of their kiss? Why not send a virtual kiss, one that he or she can feel for real?

The Kiss Transmission Device (KT) is an interesting new concept developed by graduate students from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan. When I saw this demo video of the gadget, I was rather curious about the practical application of the KT.

The researchers describe the mechanisms of the device. Simply put, there is a transmitting device on one end, and a receiving device on the other. The kisser, or sender, puts the KT in his mouth and controls its movements by use of his tongue and mouth.

As the small knob is turned by the kissing movements, the receiving device will also do the same. So a kiss receiver on the other end, perhaps the wife or girlfriend, can feel the kiss with her own mouth and tongue, and kiss back!

As the KT is only a prototype device, it is of course not yet ready for distribution in the global market. For now, the whole system is controlled by a single PC. Eventually, though, they want to try if the KT can work over long distances in a network. Forget about video chatting with your sweetheart, because the KT will take those blues away.

Another practical application of the KT? Want to know how Brad Pitt kisses like? The KT is said to be able to record the sequence of kissing movements, and replay them when needed. So if a famous celebrity is asked to try out the device, they can make a record of his kissing patterns, and replay it for the enjoyment of swooning fans, if they have their own KT, of course.


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