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How to Start Programming for beginners

Updated on April 26, 2009

How to Start with Programming?

The Best way to Start Programming is C, you can get a book for yourself of c ( I suggest Balaguruswamy because that helped me a lot), C should be the first language to learn because it builds a good base for your future programming language but currently its outdated also you may not be able to make the software in C which you want to because each language has its own limitations and Advantages.

In case you want to start with a powerful language(just in case you want to rush to it) then start with c++.

you'll need a compiler to run the program in both c and c++

Google for turbo c, you'll find this easily on the web and start coding . . . .  :)


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    • profile image

      varudh 5 years ago

      Surely, if u are a new programmer my frank and honest suggestion is starting with "VB .Net". It just helps u with simple syntaxes as we speak daily english.

    • profile image

      sonu 6 years ago

      hello priyank, i also want to learn website designing,(dreamweaver,flash etc....)...can u give me some guidance like i cant join in any institute .there are no good institutes in my town.Iam a house wife..i only have lappy and net connection...i do design websites but using a website building package but i wanna learn designing aspects...i have done web developments courses before like

    • profile image

      bhavya 6 years ago

      hello everyone....i ve heard a book which is called "bible of C" "The C Programming Language by Kernighan & Ritchie(K&R) " the later is dennic ritchie who developed C language

    • priyankmaniar profile image

      Priyank 7 years ago from Mumbai, India

      then buy a book and get started :)

    • Alan120 profile image

      Alan120 7 years ago from

      I also want to learn c + +, but no introduction

    • profile image

      Priyank 7 years ago

      22 is good. some well known ethical hackers started doing hacking since they were its good.

      you get Graduation when you are 21 however post graduation you can get after or at age of 23. so 22 is not late.

      thanks for commenting.

      Cheers !

    • profile image

      Bek 7 years ago

      I just want to ask something.the age of 22 is considered good to become programmer or is it late? Please ping me on

    • priyankmaniar profile image

      Priyank 8 years ago from Mumbai, India

      k, i'll

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 8 years ago from KERALA

      try to add more in this article

    • profile image

      shreekrishna 8 years ago

      ok i will ,thanks

    • priyankmaniar profile image

      Priyank 8 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Balaguruswamy did helped me a lot and if that doesn't work for you i m sure this will, "Let us C" with Kanetkar, this is like 'For Dummies' this makes it so damn simple u'll love it, Balaguruswamy tries to cover more things n Kanetkar tries to make it as easier as it could be, I would say dont go for any other language now first do C, u'll surely b a Good Programmer, But step-by-step Brother

    • profile image

      shreekrishna 8 years ago

      i have read the full book of balaguruswamy ,

      but it solves only my half of the problem ,

      & whenever i code in c , it always show error ,

      one of the biggest error is prototype.

      well , thank you for answering ,

      plese wrote about some more books

      of or others than c.

      wish you to your success,

      & welcome to hubpages.

    • priyankmaniar profile image

      Priyank 8 years ago from Mumbai, India

      i hope it helps