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How to Switch to Green Energy

Updated on July 7, 2012

Although thermal solar energy is the first point of call on issues of green energy, there are actually other interesting forms of green energy so that the modality of switching to green energy should involve a decision on the most suitable source.

Before dealing with green energy proper, it is important that we delve into a simple fact that both geothermal and hydro-electric energy are actually sources of green energy. This is important in that an individual may define green energy as public energy supply. Here, the individual must investigate the energy source of electricity and heating gas before making a decision.

Swiching to Green Fuel

An easy way to switch to environmentally friendly fuel for your car is to make a decision on the type of fuel you would prefer before buying a car or vehicle. It is advisable to chose a car with diesel fuel engine when you are making a decision on your choice of car.

Diesel fuel engines are adaptable to bio-diesel so that the process of a switch to bio-fuel is simplified to picking up the next fuel pump.

Now, somebody is asking questions on the place of ethanol fuel! The response is that, the arguments against ethanol as a potent substitute for fossil fuels in terms of the amount of carbon(IV) oxide emitted is worthy of consideration. This is especially reasonable in that there is the evolution of large amount of carbon(IV) oxide during commercial production of ethanol.

Energy is also required for the distillation of ethanol so that the source of the heating fuel may be fossil fuel or electricity generated by fossil fuel.

But ethanol could be a reputable green fuel if the source of heat for distillation is from a clean energy source like solar energy.

Switching to Biogas Energy

Bio-gas generation for domestic purposes is one of the simplest way to switch to green energy. All that is required is a knowledge of how to construct a bio-gas digester.

A simple method of construction of bio-gas digester involves the construction of an airtight pit or container for the decomposition of house-hold organic wastes. The wastes may include toilet wastes and kitchen wastes. Here, the wastes are broken down by anaerobic microbes to mostly methane and the bi-products could be used as fertilizer for gardens thus limiting the use of inorganic fertilizers.

Switching to Wind Energy

Generation of power from wind energy is recently very easy in that there are an array of small wind turbines capable of meeting the energy needs of a home. Turbines can be ordered directly from a green energy company that specialises in the manufacture of wind turbines or may be constructed.

But before switching to wind energy it is important to consider whether your house is located in a place where the wind turbine could harvest enough wind necessary for a continuous supply of energy to your home.

Switching to Hydro-Electricity

Hydro-electricity was once a major source of electric energy. But hydro-electricity is usually associated with large dams with some environmental concerns. The construction of dams evidently lead to the destruction of large forest areas and distortion of aquatic life and natural water bodies. Another very important aspect of large dam project is the incidence of recurrent flooding.

But hydro-electricity could be a potent source of green energy if individuals are able to adopt micro turbines and utilise natural running water from rain, sewage and stagnant water in water logged areas.


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