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How to Tag Photos on Facebook

Updated on June 7, 2010

Tagging people in photographs on Facebook is very simple. But surprisingly, there are over 60,000 searches each month on Google for how to do exactly that: tag photos. Tagging pictures on Facebook can be done in several ways. You can tag a photo you've uploaded when you upload it, you can tag a photo later, you can tag a friend's photo with others, or you can tag a picture with a tag of yourself.

Tagging Photos As You Upload

Walk through the normal process to upload your photos. Once you reach the page shown below, you can tag the people in your images by simply clicking over their faces and typing their name.

Make sure you save changes, and then, you're finished. See, that was simple!

Tagging Photos After You've Uploaded Them

If you forgot to tag people when you first uploaded your pictures, don't worry, you can easily go back and tag them now. To do it, just open your album of pictures, click the first picture, and begin tagging. Under the image is a link that says "Tag This Photo." Then, click the person's face and type their name.

You can do this multiple times for each person in a photo and for every photo in the album. Your friends will be notified of their being tagged.

Tagging Someone Else's Photo

You can tag someone else's photo on Facebook in the same way you tag your own. Just browse to the photo and click "Tag This Photo" under it. Then click and tag. You can even tag yourself. Be warned, however, that the person who owns the photo may need to approve the tagging you did.

That's it! You've successfully tagged photos on Facebook!

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