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How to Take Care of Your Newly Bought Laptop

Updated on July 10, 2016

Is it your new laptop that has been the reason for your excitement lately? If yes, you have complete right to feel excited about it because it is something that is expensive and you have bought it from your hard earned money. Every penny you have paid for is worth the excitement, but you should not forget that you should take complete care of your laptop to keep it free from scratches and other major internal and external damages.

How to take care of your laptop?

Keep liquids away from it – If you are used to drinking tea, coffee or soda while working on the laptop, the chances of these fluids to get spilled on your laptop gets high. Spilled liquid can damage its internal microcontrollers, and it may cause a big problem for your budget as well as the database.

Keep food stuff at bay – Well, eating food while working on the laptop may make it dirty. You may observe the stains of dirty hands on the keys as well as the screen of the laptop. Also, the dropping of sweet stuff is an open invitation to ants and bugs that can cause further damage to the laptop.

Download anti-virus software – Anti-virus software is a must for a desktop as well as a laptop because the chances of acquiring the virus from downloads are always there. There are several websites these days that offers facility for various kinds of downloads, but all of them are not always reliable. Anti-virus software provides protection to the system from such viruses and keeps it safe from getting corrupt.

Use clean hands for surfing your laptop – Our hands may leave stains on the laptop if dirty. It is necessary to keep the hands clean and offer a dust free environment to the system from getting it dirty and also to protect it from the external environment.

Do you think internal as well as external protection is equally necessary for a laptop to work for several more years to come?

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Handle battery charger with care – Always place the plugs of the battery charger in a socket with utmost care. Don't try to insert or remove it with extra force. Also, keep the battery charger systematically rather than keeping the wires entangled. It can cause damage to the battery charger of the laptop and may restrict its usage for some time.

Handle CD Drive with care – Generally, when the button of the CD drive is pressed, the drive takes some time to come out. Do not pull the drive with force or push it with force after inserting the CD. The CD drive of a laptop is very delicate and can get crushed and damaged very quickly. Also, while placing a CD on the drive, check out if it is set correctly. Proper handling of the drive is critical to the maintenance of the laptop.

Keep it safe from frequent temperature changes – Most of us are not aware, but frequent temperature changes can have a harmful effect on the health of your laptop. Do not expose your laptop immediately to rapid temperature changes. For example – During the winter season, do not open your laptop as soon as you enter a heated room or do not expose it immediately to an air-conditioned room when you come inside the chamber from extreme temperature.

Get the unit cleaned on regular intervals – It is important to clean the internal unit regularly to keep the laptop safe from internal damages.

Using a reliable laptop bag to protect it from external environment – A laptop bag is one of the most necessary accessories your laptop requires. It offers a safe room to your laptop and keeps it safe from extremes of the environmental condition. There are several kinds of laptop bags available in the market. While some prefer briefcase bag, the others go for sleeves or backpack. The choice of the consumer relates to their personal utility. Whatever is your choice, a good quality laptop bag is a must for your newly bought laptop.

As people are more fashion conscious these days, a trendy laptop bag is what everyone requires. Even the corporates look for bags that looks stylish yet professional. Therefore, designers have a real hard time to sell off their product in the market. Especially with the so many designers entering the market, selling and buying become a terrible deal for bothe parties.

Still, you can easily find one in your budget. So why not offer your laptop with the desired protection to keep it working properly for several more years to come.


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