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How to Track Stolen iPod, Camera, iPhone and USB Flash Drives?

Updated on July 11, 2011

I have the idea to track, locate and recover a laptop if it was stolen. But today, when I was surfing at Google, I came to know a wonder website and a software. I came to know that it is possible to track, locate and recover USB flash drives, iPod, external hard drive, memory card, camera, phone etc. through this software and this website. This page contains the information related to track stolen iPod, camera, iPhone and USB Flash Drives.

Steps to Track Stolen iPod, Camera, iPhone and USB Flash Drives

iHound is one of the revolutionary software which is always ready to protect your devices by sending you alert message when your device is connected to any computer. This software also able to track the location of the device. For using iHound software, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Visit and sign up for a free iHound account and then login to that website.
  2. From the website, add your device (USB flash drives, iPod, external hard drive, memory card, camera, phone) to track.
  3. Download iHound software (each device has a specified software. When you finished adding any device, you will find an installation software beside that added device.) form the web and install the software. It will install a tracking program on your device for tracking purposes.

Now, suppose you lost your USB pen drive. When that device is connected to any computer, then a mail will be sent to your email address which will provide you the details report about the pen drive's location and you will see all of the information in ihound's website.

In this way, you can also track your iPod or digital camera and found it easily by tracking.

As the software is new, I see there are some limitations. For example, it doesn't support all types of pen drive. I am successful for Kingston brand. But failed to use on AData brand flash drive. I think very soon, it will be useful to any types of pen drive. Although it's some limitations, it's really a great software. I think you will enjoy them. To know about this software or to use the software, visit the following link:

Track your USB digital device [flash drive, digital camera, iPod, iPhone or any other USB flash drive] with ihound

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      gampya 4 years ago disregards, but you're looking for a magic cure. Unless something was set up on the USB drive before it was stolen that transmitted its current IP address to you whenever it was inserted into a computer (real black magic!), nothing can trace it. (Even the IP address would be a very weak link to it. You can't get real user information about an IP address without a court order, which would be difficult to get with such dubious information !!!!!)

      And if iHound did what it claimed to have done, it would have had to go out and invade every computer in the world poking into their mounted flash drives. Continuously. That's fantasy or bad Sci-Fi stuff. Kindly, stop misleading other people. This page has a decent reputation.

    • profile image

      Vegeta 4 years ago

      Its over 9000

    • profile image

      Rupesh Surana 5 years ago

      i stolen my External hard disk . please help to find it .

      Thanking you "

    • lokoyizone profile image

      lokoyizone 6 years ago

      This is a very useful hub. Actually I needed something like this and found you on Google.

      Voted up and useful.

    • profile image

      Rajesh Pattanayak 6 years ago

      my dell laptop is stolen....can any one track it....i hav the mac adress....if any one track it then contact me- +91-9439919738, in my id-