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How to Remove Orbit Downloader From Firefox or Chrome Plug in

Updated on March 2, 2013

Uninstall, Remove or Disable Orbit Downloader From Chrome Plug in or Firefox Plug in

Did you just uninstall your orbit downloader from your computer? And when you download something on Chrome or Firefox, there is a page that says, “Download has been transferred to Orbit downloader”? If you have a problem like this then you are on the right page.

If Orbit Downloader is still installed in your computer and all of the downloads you are making are directing to the downloader, you might want to uninstall it first if you want your downloads to be saved directly to your download Folder. But if you already uninstalled it and still getting the same page every time you are downloading, the only solution there is, is to disable the Orbit Downloader from your browser.

Re-installing and re-uninstalling the Orbit Downloader, if you think that you did not uninstall it properly would not solve the problem. And that would be a waste of time.The page that says like above will still appear. Until the Orbit Downloader is not disabled from Chrome or Firefox, it will continue to behave like this.

Why Orbit Downloader is still appearing in Chrome or Firefox even though it was already Uninstalled?

That is because an ordinary uninstalling process like what the control panel does, do not erase the remaining folders aside from the folder it has in the program files. And during the process of installation of Orbit Downloader it was automatically added itself to the plug ins of default browser you have in your computer. Other than using a competitive software for uninstalling, the plug in would not be disabled or removed.

How to Disable Chrome Plug-in Specifically Orbit Downloader

You can remove orbit downloader from Chrome by disabling it on chrome plug in page. Just copy this and paste on the chrome address bar: Chrome://plugins, then look for the Orbit Downloader on the list. Just click the Disable Link and you are done. You can also disable other plug ins you do not want.

How to Disable Orbit Downloader from Firefox

Just click the Firefox button on the top-left corner of the browser, click Add-ons, then Plugin, find the Orbit downloader, then disable or remove it, and you are done. The next time you download it will automatically be saved on your download folder.

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      samheeta 4 years ago

      thanks a lot :)

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      Alex 4 years ago

      Owesome !

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      Caren 4 years ago

      Just awesome!!

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      sed 4 years ago

      THANKS!! I finally got rid of the annoying Orbit pop-up.

    • aisha91 profile image

      Rasna Aisha 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi MoltenHound,

      Thanks. Glad it helps!

    • MoltenHound profile image

      MoltenHound 5 years ago from Australia

      Nice Work! I haven't realised that you can disable plugins from chrome! Voted useful!