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How to Unlock an HTC Smart Phone

Updated on June 19, 2013

How to Unlock an HTC Smart Phone

To unlock HTC phones is probably the easiest phone to unlock. This guide is intended to provide you with an overview on how to unlock 99% of the HTC smart phones all around the world. Before we begin, here's what you will need

Things You'll Need:
-HTC unlock codes specific to your HTC phone's IMEI (serial number) - purchased through a third party unlocking company
-Fingers to press the keys

Before we go ahead and get into the bulk of HTC Unlocking, let's discuss the top 3 benefits of unlocking your HTC smart phone. The first is that you can virtually eliminate all roaming fees. Roaming fees are those that your primary network carrier will charge you once you leave the home-zone. For most large carriers, this means leaving the country. For example, if you have AT&T service and you're traveling to the United Kingdom, your AT&T sim card will automatically connect to one of AT&T's roaming partners in the UK. You'll get charged at a rate of anywhere between $0.80/min - $3/min. By unlocking your HTC phone, you can use prepaid services, which will give you a local UK number, and local UK rates instead of paying erroneous fees to your network carrier. We've written an informative hub on how to save on roaming if you're interested.

A second benefit is that with the recent outbreak of popularity in HTC phones such as the HTC HD series and all of those other fancy names like the Aria, Desire etc. you'll be able to make your phone more marketable if you decide to sell it. An unlocked phone is much more desirable as it can be used with any SIM card from any GSM network carrier whereas a locked phone is restricted only to its original network carrier.

Finally, the third benefit is that after unlocking your HTC phone, you're able to use your favorite HTC smart phone on your favorite network carrier. It's a known fact that network carriers are always competing and claiming they have the best rates. You pick your GSM network carrier and you can use whichever HTC smartphone you'd like on it.

Now on to the easy part. Unlocking the HTC phone. After you have purchased your HTC unlock code, which costs anywhere between $16.99 - $39.99, you can begin using your HTC phone on any network you'd like. You can get your HTC Unlock Code from third party unlocking sites. There are a lot of companies providing outrageously incredible pricing at as low as $5, but we all know where that leads. Lost money and a headache trying to get it back. Make sure you do your research on your unlock code company before getting excited about a deal. If there's no information on them, or only bad reviews, you're probably out of luck.

Here are the easy to follow instructions to unlock your HTC smart phone.

1.) Insert an Unaccepted SIM card (one that is not from the phone's original network carrier)
2.) You'll be prompted for the unlock code
3.) Enter your 8 digit HTC unlocking code
4.) Press Enter
5.) Your HTC phone should be unlocked

We'll be adding more unlocking tutorials right here on hub pages. You can check out our other guides. We'll be updating this list as we go along...

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      Cheryl J. 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thanks for the valuable information. Valuable hub.