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How to Use HP Smart Web Printing to Save Money on Ink and Paper

Updated on May 13, 2014

HP printers today are probably one of the most ink-efficient printers available and eco-friendly too. If you own a printer then you know that the cost of ink cartridges is very expensive and after a short period of time you will realize it is far more expensive than the printer itself. That’s is why it is better to invest in a little bit expensive printer that is ink-efficient rather than a cheaper brand that consumes expensive ink like a sponge.

There is also another way to save a lot of money on ink cartridges and paper usage when you want to print web pages. It’s a simple plug-in for your browser that is free and easy to use. The HP Smart Web Printing allows you to select, edit, clip, and organize text and graphics from web pages in Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher) instead of printing the whole page, thereby eliminating wasteful use of ink and papers.

Download the latest version of HP Smart Web Printing here and install it on your computer. For now, the plug-in is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 only using Internet Explorer. There is no version yet for other web browsers like Firefox. Installation is pretty straightforward.

After installation, you should be able to see the HP Smart Web Printing icon in your browser’s toolbars.

Go to the web page that you want to print and click the HP Smart Web Printing icon from the toolbar. A side bar will appear on your Internet Explorer. Click the “Select” button from the side bar and start selecting the portions that you want to print. Select “Clip” or “Print” from the context menu that appears in the lower right of your selection.

The “Clip Book” pane stores all the web page clips you did and allows you to edit and organize them, as you deem necessary. The “Clip Book” stores up to 100 clips. It provides great flexibility and also very useful especially if you are doing research. When you are done, simply click the “Print” button to send the page to your printer.

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