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How to Use Twitter in Internet Marketing

Updated on September 19, 2010

Introduction on How to Use Twitter in Internet Marketing

Twitter has been one of those buzzwords which has been thrown around a lot in recent years, when it comes right down to it, Twitter is not a hugely important tool to effective Internet Marketing, However there are some simple tools which can be used to create large Twitter follower lists of several thousand, some of which will earn you some money and sales.

Twitter is quite simply a social website where you can update your friends on the latest on your life. In recent years this has however expanded, as businesses take advantage of the benefits of posting on thousands of other twitter followers.

The bad news is that posting on Twitter commercially can be incredibly time consuming, Until now.

Buy Tweet Adder

You can buy Tweet Adder, or try the Demo Here!

Tweet Adder is the Perfect Twitter Marketing Tool

Tweet Adder Twitter Internet Marketing
Tweet Adder Twitter Internet Marketing

Using Tweet Adder to Improve Twitter Followers

Tweet Adder has some very simple benefits which sold this amazing social product to me.

  • Helps you find a relevant tweeter
  • Automatically follows all his followers
  • Automatically deletes followers who don't add you back after a certain length of time
  • Allows you to schedule Tweets and Retweets Automatically.

These simple features have allowed me to expand my Twitter marketing lists dramatically in a matter of weeks.

The simple truth of the matter is that Tweet Adder can not only improve your lists by adding thousands of followers, but it can schedule this over a matter of weeks, so your account will not be suspended. On top of that, the people you add will more than likely be related to you website, so should take an active interest in the topics you post, earning you sales, clicks and recognition!

How to Use Tweet Adder

When I use Tweet Adder I have a very simple routine which lets me quickly and simply add thousands of users to my twitter queue.

First off, I search for users who have between 1000 and 100000 followers.

I then use Tweet Adder to check the followers of some of the more popular tweeters.  Some will be spam filled, especially those linking to .ru domains, I tend to ignore these, however there are plenty of profiles out there filled with valid followers. 

I then click select all, and then add to list.

When you have turned all your automation tools on with Tweet Adder these names will be automatically followed over the course of several days, and unfollowed if they do not add you back after a certain number of days.

During this time I automatically have my blogs and websites updating my twitter account with my latest updates, giving me visability to thousands upoon thousands of twitter followers!

Why Should I Buy Tweet Adder?

If you are wanting to do any form of social marketing, you need the right tools. You simply cannot compete if you try to manually do what your competition is doing automatically.

Tweet Adder allows you to not only compete, but to exceed your competitions Twitter marketing efforts, as well as giving you huge brand exposure.

You can buy Tweet Adder Here!


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    • TnFlash profile image


      7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! I am just starting to get into Twittering. This is good information. Rated-up and useful.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      good stuff. I am of those in the 10K+ followers group.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Twitter is the micro blogging platform that allows you publish your views, short stories and opinions. It has a social element too. Social media is a great way to have a conversation with your market and make and mange connections with prospects, customers, bloggers and other influencers.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Not ready to add that to the swamp of info I'm swimming in yet,but definitely looks promising as a future tool to expand my market when the time is right thisisoli.Thanks for making it visible on here for another great marketing tool rated up and useful!


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