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How to Use the Camera of the iPhone

Updated on August 24, 2010

One of the big advantages of the iPhone is having an integrated camera. Since the first version, the iPhone had this accessory that made our lives so much easier. But with iPhone 4, Apple is finally delivering a high quality camera that is more than just a toy.

The new camera in the iPhone is the real deal, and you can use it even to complement or even replace your existing portable cameras.


First, lets consider the characteristics of the iPhone camera. The most important feature is the high pixel quality of the new camara.

The old iPhone had a 2 megapixel camera that was good enough only for small pictures, or for adding a little image to a web site.

The iPhone 4, on the other hand, comes standard with a 5.0 camera, that can take pictures that are better than most commercial digital cameras could take up to a few years ago.

No only this, but the camera includes a LED flash that can be used in situations when there is not enough light in the environment. With a flash, it is now possible to take good picture even at night on in closed spaces that have no natural light.

Pictures and Movies

Not only the new iPhone 4 camera is of high quality, but it is not restricted only to take pictures. You can use your iPhone 4 to create high definition (HD) movies, that can be used on many places, including youTube.

The previous generation of the iPhone also had the capability of shooting movies. However, it was only low resolution, compared to the possiblities of high def videos.

Another useful feature of vide in the iPhone is that you can also edit it! Apple is now selling a portable version of iMovie that is able to edit you videos. So, for example, you can add title, change the sequence of a movie, and add simple effects, like transitions and fancy titles.

Of course, it is not a professional solution such as the one you can find on a Mac, but it gives you the opportunity of create presentable movies using only the iPhone.

Front Camera

If it wasn't enough to have a 5 MP camera in the iPhone, Apple also added a second camera. The camera is mounted on the front plate of the iPhone, and is targeted at making video conference calls.

The front camera is similar to a normal web cam, and can be used in a similar way. You can start a conversation with other people that have iPhone 4. This is a very useful feature that is not available in other smartphones.

Face time is a really convenient feature if you want to talk to family and friends. It is an innovative application that is made available only because of the new front camera.

In conclusion, the iPhone 4 brings a lot of fantastic features to people who love taking pictures. You can now use the iPhone to all your digital image creation. Unless you really need professional cameras, the iPhone provides all you need to take pictures of family and personal events.


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