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Setup chrome cast to use Android hotspot

Updated on July 16, 2017


Google chromecast is the most sought after device to turn our existing TVs (Television sets) into Smart TVs. Chromecast set-up could be easy and complex depending upon our needs. Google itself provides a step-by-step setup guide on its official pages, which can be accessed here.

Inspite of being a very useful device and having good documentation on how to use it, It has its limitation. You won't be able to setup without internet connected wifi network. So, if we have router in home and it is not connected to internet, you will have trouble setting it up. Also, if you are connected to internet via your telecom operator on smartphone, It is not possible to set-it-up directly through hotspot.

Well, After a lot of troubleshooting and searching all over the internet, I figured out a way myself to connect and use google chromecast directly through smartphone itself. Please see the procedure below. After setup, you will be able to stream content on chromecast directly through (hotspot) your smartphone.

Instructions to setup Google Chromecast to use hotspot.

  1. First, Download "Google Home" app on you from Play store.
  2. On you MacBook / laptop or PC and Open chrome browser.
  3. Go to this official page of google chromecast follow the basic set-up instructions provided by google itself.
  4. Turn on the hotspot of your smartphone.
  5. Change wifi network used by your chromecast device to use the hotspot created by you in previous step.
  6. Now, Go to Google Home app in your android phone.
  7. Tap the Menu icon at top-left corner on screen.
  8. Tap "Cast Screen / Audio". You will be able to see your device name on screen in few seconds.
  9. Tap the name of your device and your phone screen will now appear your tv.

I | Source

Useful Note

Once you have successfully changed the wifi network used by your device to your android phone hotspot. You would be able to cast Videos / Audios from any app which supports screen casting without using Google Home app e.g. hot star, Hooq, Amazon prime, Coursera etc.

Google Home app will be useful in initial setup and also in times when we want mirror our phone screen / audio without being limited to only few app which supports casting functionality.

Now, Have fun playing games such as need for speed or watch any of your favourite movies on big screen streamed directly through your smartphone. If you need more help on this, publish your queries in comments section below.

A Video from "Made by Google" on Youtube


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