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How to add a Google Map location or place to your Google Contacts ?

Updated on January 29, 2013
My Friend's House on Google maps
My Friend's House on Google maps

Google Contacts allows an organized storage of various details of a contact like name, emails, phone numbers, addresses, relationships and many others. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the address of a contact on Google Maps when needed ?

Get a URL of the Location

  • Find the latitude and longitude of the location in xx.xxxx format.
  • The URL or permanent link to this location is,85.8259624243 (My Friend's House)

i.e.<latitude>,<longitude> (<name of the place>)

You can share this URL with anyone you want to share the location with.

Add the Location to Google Contacts

Simply set the address field in this format (see srcreenshot)

20.2796034102,85.8259624243 (My Friend's House)


<latitude>,<longitude> (<name of the place>)

Now, when you want to see the location on the map, just click the address or the map icon next to it. This also works on android and other applications that support Google Contacts.

Address in Google Contacts
Address in Google Contacts


  • Addresses or Locations are stored as private.
  • Format is universally supported on Google Contacts, Androids and other applications that support Google Contacts.


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