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Do touch screen devices breed germs? So what are the practical solutions?

Updated on August 21, 2013
Stylus in use on Tablet Screen
Stylus in use on Tablet Screen
Variety of Attractive Solid Colors White, Grey, Pink, Red, Black
Variety of Attractive Solid Colors White, Grey, Pink, Red, Black
Shown Engraved
Shown Engraved
Now available in two-tone Gradient colors
Now available in two-tone Gradient colors

In this world of Touch Screen Devices, Smart Phones, Music Devices, iPads, Tablets, Readers and now even Laptop and Desktops with Touch Screens, it is nice to be dexterous. However, many of us have 'thick-thumbs' or fingernails which make this key pecking somewhat frustrating and innacurate. Most particularly on the small devices, such as our smart phones.

If you are the least bit germaphobic, and the device your touching is not yours, such as a touch screen device at your local bank, grocery store, pharmacy, department store, etc. how do you feel about touching the same screen that thousands have touched before you. Perhaps some of these have an attached stylus (not all) and I wonder how many times these screen or stylus are cleaned. Well, read on as I believe we have discovered a very practical solution. It's not expensive, and it has multiple purposes, and best of all it is quite attractive. This is not the first or only device of its kind, but we consider it the best quality and value for your money. It is also engravable, which makes for a very practical gift!

I was particularly excited when one of our friends, Yair Greenberg, the owner of the Monteverde® Pen Collection, introduced a clever solution. The Monteverde® One-Touch Stylus – From Notepad to Touch Screen. Now that many of us have tablet computers and smart phones, why not invest in an attractive pen that features a rubberized stylus on the cap. Keeping your screen scratch-proof certainly enhances the clarity. Not to mention all the retail, grocery, and drug stores that are now using touch verification screens. You can avoid picking up someone else's germs, by depressing the screen with your personal Monteverde® One Touch Stylus.

So here are my top ten reasons why this touch-screen stylus/ballpoint pen is a must have for yourself and your friends:

1. It’s affordable……under $30!

2. Avoids contact with bacteria and germs

3. Multiple refill options including standard ballpoint refill, gel refill, or liquid ink ballpoint refill

4. Offers extremely smooth writing style

5. The Stylus is every bit as responsive as a finger touch

6. Keeps your personal touch screen devices free from unsightly fingerprints

7. A clean touch screen will improve screen clarity

8. Perfect for small alpha/numeric keyboards as it improves typing accuracy

9. It looks like an expensive pen, but it’s not!

10.Purchase from Airline International, and get your name engraved for free!

The Monteverde® One Touch Stylus comes in a variety of attractive colors; I have included images of these colors for your viewing. In addition to the solid colors, Monteverde® has now introduced the unique gradient design, gently blending two brilliant metallic colors together.


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    • 4TRAVELTIPS profile image

      4TRAVELTIPS 6 years ago

      Thank you very much, your comment is greatly appreciated!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Just in time for flu season!

      Just imagine how clean those devices would be if everyone used these!

      Just think what a service you have done by highlighting this item!


      This is a seriously good idea!