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How to be a Vlogger or Video Blogger: Female and Male Vloggers Guide

Updated on May 21, 2020
Rui Carreira profile image

Rui Carreira is a pop-culture-oriented individual, and he loves all things cinema, anime, gaming, and entertainment.

Here's How a Viral Vlogger Looks and Sounds Like:

What's a Vlogger? Learning The YouTuber Job Description

A Vlogger is someone who keeps a Vlog.

What's a Vlog?

It's a Video Log! So, it's like a journal or a log a certain individual or group of individuals have.

In practice, a vlog is a video of someone that publishes is it in regular intervals speaking about himself, a subject, a whole array of subjects, or anything at all - Basically it's people talking to their camera, like keeping a blog in a video format!

Now, I wrote this hub because being a blogger is a popular way to earn some cash and reputation, so more and more people are trying to get in Video Blogging.

It used to be easier back in the days where people in Vlogging had much less equipment, and as technology evolved and more awareness was being raised for how much money Vloggers made competition skyrocketed, which made being a Vlogger that much harder.

How to be a Female Video Blogger:

Well, Female Vlogging is a bit depressing and I bet you girls agree with me as I say that there aren't enough serious Female Vloggers out there! Look at the most famous female Vloggers like Minxy and Boxxy... what do they tell you? That they are interesting? Really? You know how they get their views!

As a man I say enough of this, sure I might have liked to watch these Vlogs on a certain scale, but it has got to a point where it's too much!

You serious women out there start Vlogging about something that's worth it instead of selling your image.

So, my tip list for female vloggers? Read the men's bullet points list!

Edit: So six years ago when I wrote this article, female blogging was close to non-existent. Fortunately, girls are now starting to show their personalities and the objectification is being relegated to gamer girls and streamers, which is a trend I'm liking to see as there are as many talented girls as guys and it previously wasn't being shown.

If you want to succeed like a girl blogger, you must make sure you're attracting the right crowd at first, so avoid wearing something revealing as you'll attract more views for your body than if you vlog discretely at first and try to have your talents be the attracting factor.

This advice may seem sexist, but it's one that I think works if you want to attract the right crowd to begin with.

How to Be a Male Video Blogger: Be Prepared for More Competition

Being a Male Video Blogger takes some courage, first because you are going to have lots of comments calling you a loser when you still haven't got your name up on the stardom platform and because you have to be genuinely interesting.

However, once male Vloggers establish their credibility and reputation they'll be very powerful (take Angry Joe on the gaming industry, the man is almost a god).

Here are some tips if you want to be a successful Male Video Blogger:

  • Vlog about a certain niche - technology, cars, games, forex, etc...
  • Vlog about or with Humor!
  • Vlog about product reviews!
  • Vlog about pranks and other "boys will be boys" subjects
  • Vlog about girls

If you want to Vlog about yourself, well don't do it - people don't usually care about men that do that, that works for girls who have an approach like Minxy on the video up.

Men are less objectified and thus need to show superior talent or work extra hard to get noticed.

Be prepared for tougher competition, but ultimately you can be just as powerful in the industry as women, as proven throughout vlogging history.

How to Start Vlogging: You Don't Need Expensive Equipment

I'm going to give you a leg up and tell you just how can you start Vlogging and earning some money with it.

  1. Get a Youtube Account: To post your videos
  2. Get some Videos up: At least 5 good quality videos to start
  3. Get some subscribers: Promote your videos on social media platforms or even Adwords
  4. Start releasing new videos: Release Videos in regular time intervals so your subscribers can keep up with you
  5. Keep Scaling it up: Keep accumulating viewers, subscribers, and videos
  6. Become a YouTube Partner: Start displaying ads before your videos and earn cash with them
  7. Profit and Enjoy! You're a Successful Vlogger!

Now, if you ever think of giving up - that's normal, we all do! Don't get demoralized and watch some other successful Vlogger's videos, that will get you excited - notice that they have fame, credibility, do what they enjoy, and earn lots with it.

What you must know is that there is no excuse to not start vlogging as you don't need expensive equipment to be a Youtuber.

Nowadays, most smartphones have really good cameras and you can even use one phone as a camera and the other as a microphone for added production quality.

Sounds good? Don't be ashamed to start.

If your content is good and you upload diligently, you'll succeed.

I'm not stating you'll be a millionaire, but a full-time income as a YouTuber is not that far off.


The conclusion is simple:

Regardless of your gender, being a Vlogger takes a lot of effort, determination, courage, persistence, promotion and dedication. Sure, you can get a leg up if you are a hot woman and want to get more viewers out of your image - but do you want to be that kind of person?

I may be a tad feminist when I say: "Girls unite, don't let the Vloggosphere fill up with winkers"

Do you want to be a Vlogger?

If you do, what's your gender?

See results

About Carreira:

No, I'm not a Vlogger, but I'm a full time blogger myself and I published some videos of my own.

However, I do have some experience in the Vlogging industry as I have a little "portfolio" of vloggers I follow... not Minxy.

If you love to shout out your opinion but aren't so sure on doing it via video, why not keeping a big and nice portfolio of hubpages? Try it!


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