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How to build a tubing bender

Updated on October 1, 2011

How to build a tubing bender ?

The article provides by-step instructions of how to build a tubing bender as well as gives other topic-related useful information. The process of building the bender is quite moderate.

Make sure you have all the necessary items and tools: 2-8' (foot) 2x4's, 2-2x10's, 2-16'' 4x4's, 6-6'' self-tapping wood bolts, 2-8'' axle bolts, 4-8'' concrete bolts, 2-4'' fulcrum wheels, 2-2'' rise angle brackets, ratchet wrench/sockets, drill w/bits, tape measure, and wood saw.


Step 1. Install the two 16 inch 4"x4" blocks to a solid surface keeping them 8' apart. A concrete floor may be an option. In this case you will need the two bolts for each block at 2" from the verge.

Step 2. Position two 2x10's (so that one would be on top of the second) double layer to the 4"x4 inch blocks. Use 3-6" self tapping bolts with washers for (through) each block. Now screw through the both 2x10's and then into the 4x4inch.

Step 3. Using a drill make a hole 1/8 inch larger the size of the tubing whish you are going to bend through both 2x10's at 36'' (from one end).

Step 4. Install a 4'' wheel using 2-2'' angle brackets and a proper locking nut. Now bolt through the wheel and 2 angle brackets.

Step 5. Mount the wheel with the assembled brackets to the 2x10's. It should be flush with edge of tubing hole at the shortest side of the 2x10'. This wheel is going to have a fixed position and the tubing will bend around it.

Step 6. When you are done with the fixed position wheel (temporally) you may take off the bolt of the wheel axle which goes through two brackets and this wheel.

Step 7. Using a drill make a hole in the 2-8 foot 2x4's at 2'' from the end. The size of the hole should be that of the fixed position wheel axle bolt.

Step 8. Fix the 2x4's on one side of the fixed position wheel by means of an 8'' axle bolt (you may as well use other bolt that you find fine). Tighten the locking nut well to still. You should leave free movement for the 2x4's.

Step 9. In order to have the 2x4's at needed distance still apart at both ends, with a (small) piece of 2x4 brace between the 2x4's at the end to be opposite the fixed position wheel axle. It will also help to prevent binding and will add extra strength. You will have the 2x4's forming the tubing bender lever.

Step 10. Now you need to attach the 2nd 4'' roller wheel between the 2x4's. Have them 4'' plus the size of the tubing when measured from the fixed position wheel axle bolt. Using the drill make holes through the two 2x4's having the size of the roller wheel axle bolt. Then and attach well the roller wheel.

Step 11. Put down the lever arm from the fixed wheel. Insert the tubing into the hole at the needed bending point to be in line with the fixed position wheel top.

Step 12. Push the lever arm over by moving the roller wheel over the fixed position wheel and tubing until you get the bend angle you need.

This are the key things you need to know on how to build a tubing bender.


Model 4 hydraulic tubing bender


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