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How to change your Tracfone number to a NEW Tracfone handset - Tracphone

Updated on February 5, 2011

With Tracfone, the setup is a little different then with a normal GSM type of phone. The main difference is that the phone is assigned to the SIM. This means that unlike other GSM carriers, you cna not just take the SIM out of one phone and put it into another and have it work. You need to follow the steps below in order to get your new Tracphone up and running.

1. Make sure that the device that you want to change to IS a Tracfone branded device. You are not going to easily be able to use a unlocked GSM phone with Tracfone, so it is better to just get a authentic tracfone device from the get go. See the Amazon links below for GREAT deals on Tracfones!

2. Once you have the Tracfone that you want to change to, you need to either call Tracfone by Phone at: 1-800-867-7183  OR the easier way, go to their website at and click on "Activate or Buy a Phone" AND/OR if there is a link for "Activate/Reactivate Phone" click there.  Then choose "Transfer my service and phone number from one TracFone to Another."  Then just follow the steps to register your new phone on your number!  It is actually very easy to do and very user friendly!!

That is it!  Follow the steps and you will be up and running with your old number on your new phone in no time at all!!  MAKE SURE YOU BUY A AUTHENTIC TRACFONE and not a unlocked version of some other device as it will NOT work in most cases!


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