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How to check Ports which Services are using.. !!

Updated on October 14, 2014

What are ports ???

Ports are most important term in the world of inter-networking, web and internet. These are simple techniques defined by number as registered by registering authority. Ports define the application specific or operating system specific which are used for communication in the world of client-server model of Computing. Also we can say that every application or processes which is to be published and shared with the clients or simply related to networking is running on specific unique port. Every Application or process has its own port defined either a standard registered port or can be customized. Sometimes it is a challenge to track out the ports running in the computer is defined or being using by which service. This Article is all about to help out those professionals.

Ubuntu / windows machine netstat output

Ubuntu Operating System Netstat Output
Ubuntu Operating System Netstat Output
Windows Operating System Netstat Output
Windows Operating System Netstat Output

How to check which ports are open and which services are using which ports... !

This is very simple troubleshooting and very necessary to figure out which services are using those ports. Sometimes it happens that few services conflict each other by using the same ports one at a time. To troubleshoot the same we have to follow few steps as below: -

1.Telnet - simply telnet the port to check whether it is connecting or not. If it is listening and accepting the connection then telnet will get connected. which is the first troubleshooting step.

for both Linux and windows.

# telnet 80

2. Netstat is the simple command which help to track down which ports are open. This command runs in both unix and windows environment. Examples of the same is as shown below -

Ubuntu : You can observe the filter used to get the specific outcome. Here grep has been used to fiter the output for port 80. This port is used by many services such as IIS, Apache, and there are number of web servers.

# netstat -an | grep ":80"

Windows : Here the similar ouput can be observed as above but filter can be chosen as per the Operating system we are using. Here "find" command is used to get the output as desired.

> netstat -an | findstr " :80"

3. NMAP - it is also used to find out the services and ports attached with it. This is as simple as above and can be installed in both linux and windows machine.

# nmap -Sv

4. Windows port reporter is another useful tool which can be easily used to find out the ports.

Download Tools to find out the Service...


Please download the tool for downloading PORT REPORTER -

For Ubuntu please follows as below:

# netstat -lnptu

# cat /etc/services


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Netstat Outputs

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