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How to choose a hosted application provider

Updated on May 18, 2012

Benefits of Hosted Applications for SMEs

It is amazing how digital and communications technology was able to revolutionize the IT industry and boost the edge of SMEs (small and medium enterprise) in terms of data and network facility. Through hosted application providers, SMEs can now enjoy the benefits of having a virtual IT staff that will handle their software related concerns without the added cost of hiring and maintaining physical manpower.

Hosted applications might be a new or unfamiliar term but its concept has been around for quite some time. Apps or application in this context does not mean iPhone apps, iOS 5, Android mobile applications, etc… Rather, hosted applications are commonly referred to as internet based applications, on-demand software, online applications, and web based applications. In simpler terms, hosted applications are software and applications that resides on an “outside” server and accessible through the internet. The reliable hosted application provider safe keeps this outside server.

Industry Standard Features

Nowadays, hosted application is a huge industry and various providers can be found on the internet. Some providers will offer additional features while others will offer lower packages. The important thing is to be informed of the industry standard features offered by web based application providers.

In considering a particular provider, make sure that it is dependable and offers the following benefits:

Reduced Costs –

The main benefit of hosted application is its reduced cost. If the fees offered by a certain provider appear to be quite expensive, it would be advisable to negotiate or find another one.

Instant Deployment –

Since there is no actual equipment to install, deployment and roll out of the software should have a quick turn-around time. Be sure to ask the provider on how long it would take to implement and ran the application.

Continuous Access –

The whole point of online application is that it should be continuous and uninterrupted. With the current internet technology, this feature is not impossible.

Integration –

When considering a hosted application provider, inform the provider about the existing system and inquire if the application would be able to fit seamlessly with the existing setup.

Support –

Support in this context does not only mean regular technical support but advance and dedicated technical assistance. As researched, Oakwood Systems, a reliable hosted application provider, has such technical support.

Security –

The online application providers should be trustworthy and should uphold confidentiality of the date they are entrusted to provide.

Control –

Majority of providers want absolute control on the application while a few knows that some clients only wanted to install and implement the application. Before signing up, discuss the level of control that will be given to the provider.

Oakwood Systems, a dependable hosted application provider, is one of the few who approach application hosting in this different view – though the company also provides full control of the application if requested by the client. Oakwood System believes that some customers want and are able to customize the application. Such customization may include add-ons, customizing themes, code modification, etc…

Oakwood Systems variety of dependable applications at cheap packages can be found on


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