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know your Memory Card before you buy

Updated on January 6, 2014

For storing files, photos, videos and different data’s we are using memory cards in our phones. But most of them are not aware of the different types of memory cards which are available in the market. They will only look for the offers and will buy the one which is having the best offer.

Different Types of Memory Cards

There are different types of memory cards available in market. I have explained about few memory cards below.

commonly used in digital cameras. It has a storage capacity upto 4 GB and has a transfer speed of 20 MB per second
These memory cards are commonly used in small digital cameras and mobile phones. it has a storage capacity upto 4 GB.
It is also know as TransFlash card specifically designed for mobile phones.can also be used in MP3 Players.
Its an updated verion of SD card which offer faster transfer speed and also provide storage capacity ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB compairing to microSD.
Its the newer version of microSD which offer a transfer speed of 10MB per second and provide a greater storage capacity upto 32 GB.
These memory cards can contain upto 2 TB of files and has a transfer rate of 300 MB per second. They are not backwards compatible with older SD devices.
Storage capacity of microSDXC is same as that of SDXC, the only difference is about the size of the memorycard, compairing to SDXC its small.

How to choose the right one

We should consider two things before choosing the best memory card for our phone. One is about the size otherwise we can simply say the storage capacity and the other is the speed.

About Storage Space.

Micro SD is the most commonly used memory card by mobile phones and it range from 2GB to 64 GB. According to the buyer, he can decide how much storage space is needed for his use. Higher the GB the higher will be the storage capacity, which means user can store more data. Also don’t forget to check your phone compatibility, because there are phones which don’t support memory cards having higher storage capacity.

Memory Card with the Same storage capacity but different Class

About Speed

The second one is the speed and this is the place where we need to give much more attention. Most of them will only check the storage capacity and forgot to check the maximum speed which can offer by their memory card. And note that, in memory cards Class determine transfer speed. The memory card which is having highest class will read and write information to and from the SD card faster than the lowest class.

i will explain it with an example, if you have brought a memory card of class 2, then your phone can only write 2 MB/Sec data into your memory card. If your memory card is of class 4, then it can write 4 MB/Sec data into your memory card, which means greater the class the greater will be the transfer rate. So always go for the memory card which is having the highest class.

How to identify the class of memory card?

Yes , that's a good question. And the best thing is that Identifying the class of a memory card is as simple as reading this hub. In memory cards you can find one digit written inside a semicircle, actually this semicircle is represent the capital letter "C" and which stands for class. The digit represented inside the "C" is the class and in the below picture it is "6". Just check the below picture were i have pointed that capital "C" with a white arrow.

In few memory cards you can see instead of "C" there will be "U" as shown in the below picture and this "U" denotes "Ultra High Speed" in short "UHS". UHS-I is the fastest category of card available today and which is the speed class for SDHC and SXDC memory cards. It is said that "UHS-I" memory cards can transfer up to 45MBps.

Memory Card R/W Speed according to Class

2 MB/Sec
4 MB/Sec
6 MB/Sec
10 MB/Sec

Issues you may face if the class is low

  • Data transfer between phone and memory card will take much more time.

  • While taking photos there is a chance for getting corrupted Pics.

Do you think the performance of a Memory card will increase with the increase in storage capacity?

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