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How to control your smartphone without a cable

Updated on July 17, 2013

There are situations when you would like to be able to use your Android smartphone without it's USB cable. This thing is now possible by using AirDroid, an Android application.

You need to download and install this little app on your smartphone and then use your desktop browser to make a wireless connection with your smartphone.

When the connection is established, you'll be able to:

-find your phone if you don't remember where it is; when you use this function in your browser, your phone will ring, making it easy to find; also it will display a Google map, indicating your phone coordinates. You can even use this to delete all your phone files if you lose it or it's been stolen from you;

-access all your (saved) SMS messages and compose and send new messages using your desktop browser;

-access, display, edit or delete your call log using desktop browser;

-access, display and edit your contacts, calendar and so on;

-access your camera; you see what the camera sees and take snapshots - these will be saved as pictures on your desktop's hard drive; personally, this is the feature I like the most, because using this you can turn your smartphone's camera into a surveillance camera - to watch your baby sleep when you are are in another room, working on your desktop, for instance;

A snaphot of how Airdroid looks on my desktop
A snaphot of how Airdroid looks on my desktop

-access and manipulate (rename, copy and even delete) files stored into your phone's memory or SD card; files can be downloaded (copied from smartphone to desktop) or uploaded (copied from desktop tp smartphone);

-access and manipulate your favorite ringtones and music files - the sound will come out from your desktop audio system;

Airdroid in action on my desktop
Airdroid in action on my desktop

Are there any security problems using AirDroid? Before using the app you must login you account, using an account with an username (your favorite email address) and a password. Your credentials, SMS, contacts, call logs and other sensitive information are securely transmitted via HTTPS protocol.

Below is a video presentation of Airdroid. As they say, an image makes more than 1000 words. Watch the video and enjoy.

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