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How to create a Private & Secure Client Portal Area, Page Section or Gallery on your Wordpress site with a simple Plugin

Updated on November 17, 2012

What if it could be just this easy?

Very often, a company will need to share files with a client or provide a place for clients to share documents with them. Having a place to coordinate this type of interaction and sharing is crucial to the success of many projects, and if it's done well, it reflects in a positive way on the company that can provide such a functionality.

Wordpress is the fastest growing web publishing platform on the planet, and increasingly, businesses are relying on the stability, flexibility and compatibility that Wordpress offers. So, it stands to reason that a very helpful piece of the puzzle in the business landscape would be a Wordpress plugin that creates unique, secure and private Client Areas or Portals that allow the Client to upload files, download files and view reports, samples, PDFs, etc... that the site owner would like to share with them.

Well, as you may imagine, your options are limited in this regard if you'd like to piece together plugins and functionalities to achieve this end result. And if you're not a programmer, then you should give up now and save yourself the headaches.

Our clients had these exact same needs, so we put our brains to work and began the development of a Wordpress client area plugin that would meet the needs of companies both large and small - web designers, freelance graphic artists, photographers, consultants, architects, landscape designers, interior decorators, and many more...

The vision was to create a simple, yet powerful interface that could be understood by almost anyone, regardless of their level of technical savvy. The result became something that grew and grew, and the fruit is a plugin that will meet the needs of both our clients and many out there in the business world in general.

WP-Client is a bona-fide "One Click" solution to your client interaction needs.

You can:

- Easily create unique, secure and private Client Areas / Pages / Gallery / Galleries on your Wordpress site that only your client can access and see

- Easily upload a file of any type ( Graphics, PDFs, PSDs, ZIP, EXE, etc...) and only that client will be able to view or download that file

- Provide a central place for you and your client to have conversation, and always have a record of that conversation saved in a centralized place. This helps avoid misunderstandings and protects the site owner from liability in the case that those communications become important in absolving the site owner of any legal responsibilities

- Automatically sends the client emails upon account creation which includes the clients login URL and login credentials. This email can be customized extensively to fit the needs of the site owner, and the client info is dynamically inserted as appropriate

- Automatically notifies the client by email when their pages are updated. This is optional, and can be enabled/disabled upon every update. This email is also fully configurable.

- Allows you to customize the login page to fit the look and feel of your site. The site owner can use the companies logo, and even customize the background and text colors to match the colors of the main site.

- Every part of the plugin is customizable due to the clever use of simple shortcodes throughout the plugin. This flexibility allows the site owner to use the plugin tools in many ways that may not have even been thought of by the plugin creators.

- Site owner can import a large batch of clients using a simple CSV file, and if the need should ever arise, there is also an export function to help keep your list of clients safe.

- All the features of the plugin may not fit your needs, but no need to worry because you can keep from using certain features ( like file upload for the client for example ) by simply not using that shortcode in your templates.

- Plugin supports nested shortcodes so that you can easily use your existing Gallery plugin (Nextgen Gallery, etc..) to create private photo galleries, picture viewing pages, and more, all protected by the WP-Client plugin, which allows the client a private login page to view their pictures and photos

There are many more features and clever ways that this plugin can be used to interact with your clients, so if you are looking for this type of interaction, WP-Client just might be the answer for you and your company.

WP-Client just gets the job done, easily and quickly via a simple, powerful interface.

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    • profile image

      Vincent 4 years ago

      You can also do that for free with the Customer Area plugin.

    • profile image

      St 5 years ago

      I did it with multiple plugins for free. It's not as extensive as wp-client but it works. I used members, peters redirect and bmvcustom login to achieve the portal for a multiple client photography site.