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How to create a batch file

Updated on July 16, 2011

A batch file is a text file containing a series of commands. If the batch file is run, it reads all the inputs sequentially one by one and provide the outputs. This page will provide you the details idea about batch file and the process of creating batch file.

Extension of batch file name:

Generally each operating system has different extension for batch file. Some of them are mentions below:

  • For DOS, the extension is .bat
  • For Windows, the extension is .bat
  • For Windows NT, the extension is .cmd
  • For 4DOS, the extension is .btm
  • For Windows 9x, the extension is .bat

Steps fosr creating DOS file:

  1. After clicking on Start menu, select Run and type notepad. Now you will see a window will be opened. Notepad is used to write the code. You may use any other type of editor also such as wordpad, editplus etc.
  2. From that window, click on File and you will see a drop down menu will be appeared. Select Save As... form the drop down menu.
  3. Later, you will write the file name and a .bat extension of that file. For example, if your file name is myFile than the file name will be myFile.bat.
  4. Type @echo off at the beginning of the file. This line prevents the spaces in the batch file to read during execution time.
  5. Now write the desired command on each line one by one.
  6. Save the file and close the file.
  7. Go to the location where you save the file. Double click on the file (in this case myFile.bat). Now the program will run and from now you don't need to write the command again and again. You just double click on the .bat file and all's are done.

Example of creating batch file:

You want to check your internet connectivity by pinging one ip or address such as So, your batch file will look like the followings:

@echo off
ping -t

The out put of the program will be like the following:

By following the above steps, you can easily create a batch file and run it easily without writing the commands each time.

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    • profile image

      Roger Vadey 5 years ago

      I advice you to use Dr.Batcher ( ) to create batch file. It's really useful tool.

    • profile image

      moudhani.d 5 years ago

      really good and helpfull

    • profile image

      johnshumon 5 years ago

      nice post. really helpful.

    • profile image

      Naresh 6 years ago

      The expalin of way is very easy to understand. Thank you

    • carbon12 profile image

      carbon12 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this hub. It helped me out. I voted you up. Have a great day my friend.

    • profile image

      Rohullah 6 years ago

      wow very great its really help me thnx alot

    • profile image

      Prasanth Kumar Sahoo 6 years ago

      Really this is the good Process for creating & running the batch file in any kind of Envirnoment.

    • profile image

      soha 7 years ago

      wooow really great effort thx alot for that post it helps me alot :) hope to see more efficient posts like that

    • profile image

      srikanth 7 years ago

      can't i get a command for creating multiple dos windows by clicking on single batch file to check diff ip's.

      if anybody knows the answer plz mail me at

      thank u

    • profile image

      Roger Vadey 7 years ago

      >>After clicking on Start menu, select Run and type notepad.

      I use Dr.Batcher ( to create batch files, it's much handier than notepad.

    • profile image

      godofwar1527 7 years ago

      plz visit my youtube channel im comming up with a command prompt video and it will have all kinda cool stuff

      and nice tutorial ty

      and if anyone doesnt like this they can go shutdown -s -t 1 -c " your so not smart" yourself in run or cmd