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How to create a hyperlink using HTML or a Text Editor

Updated on June 20, 2012
Make a hyperlink!
Make a hyperlink!

The woman in this video explains how to create a hyperlink using a text editor. In her demonstation she uses Gmail's text editor, but most text editors have this feature.

Making a hyperlink is easy once you know the code. You can use hyperlinks to direct visitors to your personal web pages or to share your favorite websites while adding your own personalized message. Hyperlinks are an important part of SEO, because many article databases want you to have your back-links embedded within your text.

Back-links are crucial to SEO, because one of the ways Google and other search engines rank your webpage, is according to how easy it is to access from the rest of the web. In most cases, when you build a hyperlink, the objective is not necessarily to entice people to click on the link. It is simply to have a link directed to your website in a popular place on the web (such as, or so that the search engine's "spiders" can crawl on all the links associated with your page. In an almost literal sense, you are building a digital web of links, with your page at the center.

Outbound hyperlinks are also useful in SEO. Linking to popular pages that are on the same topic as your webpage or article, also creates a larger web for search engine spiders to crawl on. They won't give you as high of a position as an inbound link, but the number of links pointing out of your page to more popular pages adds up to more credibility for your page. Once you have the basics of HTML down, you can begin to add attributes to your hyperlinks. One useful attribute is a no-follow code. This allows you to block a spider's crawl from your website to a competitor's website, so that your outbound link doesn't place them higher in the Google ranks than you.

To begin, start typing a string of HTML code that looks like this: <a href=" (Make sure there is a space between the <a and the href or it won't work.

Once you have that part of the code typed out, add the URL to the website of your choice. For example: href="

When you have the desired URL typed in, add another set of quotes and an ending bracket like this: .com"> So far your code should look like this: <a href="">

After you have your URL in place you can add your personal message. To do this simply type out the message after the ending bracket like this: .com">Write articles and make cash! When you have typed out your message add a space and the ending HTML code like this: cash! </a>

The ending result should look like this: <a href="">Write articles and make cash! </a>

Make sure that HTML is enabled on the website you are posting to before you try to create a hyperlink. If HTML is not enabled only the code will be visible after you save.


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